Tiny Talk Tuesday

The girls have been chatting away as usual.  Here are some of the cute things they have said this week:

While debriefing about Kyra's day at school:
Kyra:  Mom, today we celebrated the Chinese New Year at school.
Mom:  Oh, that's great honey, what did you do?
Kyra:  Well, we decorated a dragon and I got to be the head at one time.  Then Ann's mom (who maybe Chinese?  I'm not sure), came in and talked about some of the things they did to celebrate their New Year.  She even spoke Spanish.  And I think they went to China yesterday to celebrate.
(hmmm... yeah.  A Chinese mom, speaking Spanish, and flying to China over night...I think some details got lost along the way :)

While eating dinner:
Kyra:  Mommy, how come you talk to Daddy the whole time during dinner, and I don't get a chance to.
Mommy:  I'm sorry Kyra, sometimes I just get carried away after not seeing him all day.  And sometimes we have important grown up things to discuss.
Kyra:  Well I haven't seen Daddy all day either.
Mommy:  I know, but guess what.  Next week we are going on vacation and he will be with us all week.  Then we can both talk to Daddy.
Kyra:  Good.  I'm going to talk to him all day long.  I'll talk right to his eyes and his skin.  Talk, talk, talk.
(oh boy daddy, looks like you're not going to have much time to think next week.  You've got three gabby girls here!)

While disciplining Katie for playing with her food:
Daddy:  (he takes her plate away)  I'm sorry Katie, that was your last chance to eat your food.  I've given you a warning, and now I'm taking your plate away.
Katie:  But Daddy, I'm hungry (enter sobbing).
Daddy:  Then you should have eaten it instead of making a mess of it on your plate. 
Katie:  Then I'm going to eat YOU Daddy.
Daddy:  (he whips out his big toe and thumb)  Go ahead, I think my thumb should be mighty tasty.
Everyone:  (enter laughter)

While catching Katie being naughty (she gets very embarrassed and defensive when she's caught):
Mommy:  Katie, you know you shouldn't be talking back.  That's being disrespectful.
Katie:  I can't wait till I'm a mommy and I can do whatever I want and not listen to anyone (she says very matter of fact).
(right... because Mom's get to do whatever they want.)

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Valentine's Day Cards

Last year Kyra wanted to make her own Valentine's cards for the kids in her class.  They were fairly simple, but we enjoyed the craft time together.  This year her class is a lot larger and she is older, so I thought she would just want to buy one of the varieties in the store.  We passed them by, and she hemmed and hawed, but in the end decided she wanted to make her own again.  Although I knew I would probably doing the majority of the work, I was pleased that she chose to create something with her momma.  While the store bought cards look a lot better than they did when I was a kid, I still enjoy the looks of a homemade one, not to mention it's kind of fun to see the fruits of your labor her labor. 

So after cutting out nearly 100 hearts and 60 leaves, and lots of glueing, we had our Valentine flowers.  It took a lot more work than I thought it would, but we did seem to get a knack down with our assembly line.  Kyra did a lot of the glueing and wrote out all the cards herself.  In fact she got ahead of me at one point and told me she was going to play, but that I better stay put, because I had a lot of work to do.  I love that kid.

Tomorrow is her party.  She is very excited, as I am coming to school with her for the first time.  It's the first event in her class that I am going to take part.  I'll meet all her little friends and hopefully some of the parents too.  Happy early Valentine's Day to everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful Friday!