Tiny Talk Tuesday

If I were regularly writing in my blog, I would remember to write down more of the funny things the kids are saying...but alas I'll have to rely on what remains in the storage of my brain. Katie has been a hoot lately. She has been making us laugh with some of the words she has been making up, along with even opening up more to others. Normally she is a rather quiet girl, but even her Sunday School teacher said the last week she had them all laughing up a storm with her silliness. That is such a joy to hear, knowing that she can have a hard time opening up. She still has nothing on her chatty sister, but that's okay. I'm just enjoying the whipper snappers she comes up with at random. Here are a few:

While entering her newly decorated room (after we put up their bunkbeds):
Katie: Kyra!!! Look we finally have bunking beds!! (weeks later, she is still calling them bunking beds)

While sitting at the table coloring:
Andrew: ba, ba, dad, umph, ba (he is quite chatty that little one, but still doesn't say much clearly)
Grandma: See...he talks. He's talking quite a bit!
Me: Yes, I know Mom, but not much that I can understand.
Katie: He has his own kind of Spanish.

While sitting at the dinner table:
Kyra: I don't want to take a bath tonight! (sulking with her head down)
Katie: Mom...Kyra's not being very gladiful.
(a couple days ago we had just talked about doing things with a joyful heart, apparently Katie recognized Kyra's lack there of, and intrepretted it with a new word!)

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