And she's the big 3!

My youngest has now turned 3. It's hard to believe, since those 3 years have gone by so quickly. Katydid's birthday was Friday, the 1st day of spring (because I had a c-section, I thought that would be a nice day for her birthday...even though that day never tends to feel like spring yet). Anyway, we decided to have our own little family party on Friday, and celebrate with extended family on Sunday.

What a fun day. I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner, and she replied "to the grass." I guess I had to be more specific, so I said what restaurant would you like to eat at, and she replied "the Costco food court!" After that, I figured I'd better give her a few suggestions. We finally settled on a Mexican restaurant, which suited us fine since we love Mexican, and she loves the chip basket. After that, we headed to Playworld (a Chuck E Chee*se of sorts). The kids had fun playing on all the maze things while we got to sit and chat. Finally, we headed to Cold Stone Creamery. I tell you, it mind as well have been my birthday, because I think I had just about as much fun as the girls did.

The next day of course I was hit with an awful cold. I wasn't sure if we should still have her party on Sunday, but figured it was just family, I would be fine. I cleaned a little and prepared to make her birthday cake....a castle cake. I have spent the last couple years making the girls cakes, and Kyra gladly explained to her sister that I would make any cake she desired (thank you big sister). I'm just hoping the ideas for these cakes don't keep getting harder and harder. Fortunately, the castle cake wasn't the hardest, but it wasn't my best looking cake either. At 10pm that night, I finished the cake. The only problem was, that it was a little top heavy. So after finishing it, I couldn't move it. And because it was 3 tiers, I couldn't cover it either. The best I could do was drape a blanket in front of it, so she wouldn't see it the next day.
Sunday came, and my cold hit me like a sack of bricks. You know the kind of sinus headache that makes you feel like a truck ran into you? I debated again whether we should cancel the party, but we had to eat the cake (since it wasn't covered), and we couldn't move the party to my in-laws (because we couldn't move the cake!). On with the party it was! Fortunately, I have a husband who is quite handy in the kitchen. He took the girls to church, while I stayed home and prepped the turkey, and red potatoes. We pretty much had a Thanksgiving type meal going on, but that's my Katie! She's a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Plus the main item on her birthday menu was corn on the cob (I tell you, these girls are their father's girls through and through). The corn this season is nothing to write home about, but each girl still had two ears each!

Katie had a wonderful day. She has become so expressive this year. She opened up each present with such glee, and hugged all her aunts and uncles. And I made it through the day too. It was worth it to see such a happy birthday girl. And to think I can add making a turkey to my list of accomplishments now.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Okay, again I haven't been keeping up with the cute things my kids have been saying. I'm not sure if it is pregnancy brain (which has hit me like a typhoon this time), or if my kids simply aren't funny anymore (jk...clearly it's the prior reason). Anyway, Kyra said something that made me smile.

While playing a game:
Mom: Honey, can you play this game with Kyra now, I have to get dinner started.
Dad: Sure.
Kyra: Mom, why doesn't daddy ever make dinner?
Mom: Well, it's just part of mom's job. Plus he is tired after working hard all day.
Kyra: Don't you work hard all day?
(Go Kyra, she's got my back! And of course after that comment, wouldn't you know Daddy offered to make dinner!)

And of course, I have to share just one more of Kyra's work of arts...

The blue animal is Blue, from "Blue's Clues," along with a duck, pig, and a cow. My favorite however is the cow. Wow, she even made nice hooves, the rounded nose and udders too! What an artist!

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Florida Trip, part 2

Our time in Florida was simply wonderful. I kept on thinking, "I can't believe I have 8 warm sunny days with my family!" I think the only bummer part of the trip was that we were going to spend the first day and 1/2 with our friends who live in Florida. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found out their son had the stomach flu. Although we still had breakfast with them the following day, and stayed at their "house next door," we didn't get to stay up and chat or play "greedy" with them. But we weren't about to get all chummy chummy with the thought of getting the stomach flu ourselves and virtually ruining our week of relaxation. Thank you for your hospitality, Jon and Stacey, despite feeling so sick.

The rest of our vacation was spent at a resort in Kissimmee, thanks to my in-laws. We each (all of my hubs family members) had a one bedroom condo with a little kitchenette so we could make the majority of our meals. There wasn't a stove to cook on, but my in-laws are always well equipped with alternatives. They brought two electric skillets to make pancakes, stir fry, eggs, etc. You name it, they were willing to make it. We really only ate out for dinner two times. And the meals were hilarious. Try fitting 8 grown adults, and 3 little children in a 9'x12' room. We sat on coolers, the floor, arm rests, basically any little corner we could find. I'm sure housekeeping ended up having a fun time cleaning up that room too, because 3 kids under 4 years old can only keep their food on their plates so well. But we were together and having fun.

We spent most of our days just relaxing by the pool side (my idea of a perfect vacation). My hubs was very wonderful in taking the girls to the pool the majority of the time so I could take in maximum sun time on the lounge chairs and chat with the sister in-laws. The pool had a big waterfall in the center where kids could race underneath. Of course our girls were going no where near that. Their petrified fear of water subsided some over the week, but not as much as I would have hoped. The hubs actually got Katie to swim from him to the steps (with swimmies on) one day, but the next she wanted nothing to do with it. Both girls were satisfied sticking to depths they could reach or clinging to our arms. Oh well, baby steps right?

Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was going to Sea World. We debated whether or not to do the whole Disney thing, but thought maybe one adventure park for the week would be enough. As it ended, we were glad with our decision, because that day really tuckered them out. The park was just great though. I almost had more fun watching my kids in awe reactions to the shows than the shows themselves. What surprised me most was my emotional response. The magnificence of "Shampoo" (as Katie called him) jumping out of the water simply brought me to tears. Yes, this pregnant momma had a few emotional moments that day. The shows were elegant, humorous, and entertaining. Kyra's favorite show was a dog and cat show. These dogs and cats were walking on tight ropes, driving cars, jumping through hoops, and more. Although it was at the end of the day, the girls stood in laughter through almost the whole show. Her least favorite was the sea lion show, because the "pirates were fighting and being mean." It was actually a pretty funny show, but she thought the pretend fight was real. I told her they were just pretending. She said, "you mean the pirates aren't real humans?"

The park also had quite a few kiddy rides. We even took them on a relatively high, and fast roller coaster. Although it was a kiddy ride, it took quite a drop, that even I was surprised. Half way through the ride, Kyra nervously asked when it would be over. I was afraid if she had that reaction, how Katie was doing, but when we got off, the hubs said Katie had a great time. I should have known the younger one wouldn't be afraid of a little coaster ride!

Yes, the trip was a great success. And after being home a few days now, I am definitely missing the mid 70 degree weather. Although we feel rejuvenated as a family and are thankful that spring is near.

"Shampoo" giving the diver a ride

This dog pushed a cart, a door opened and out popped 5 wiener dogs!

The Sea Lion Pirate Show

The girls give a manatee statue a hug, after seeing the real deal

Florida Trip, part 1 (the plane ride)

We are fortunate enough to have traveled to the sunny state of Florida this past week. It's hard to believe we have done this 3 years in a row. Every year we plan on not going, resolving to save our money towards one thing or another, but every winter the blues set in and we get an itchin' to go. We are blessed to have friends that live there and in-laws that have a time share.

So, when January's sub degree weather took a toll on us, we decided we needed us a vacation. I also reasoned with myself that I probably wouldn't be going on vacation this summer with a new baby on hand, so we needed to go somewhere for some rejuvenation (why not somewhere warm?). The hubs work schedule is also going to be crazy busy this summer, and quite frankly already has been busy and he needed a break.

After finding a really cheap flight, we were set to go. I was glad that we were going to fly because quite frankly I didn't know how these achy pregnancy legs could handle 25 hours in the car. And the flights all in all went well, with of course only a few minor set backs. I was so worried Kyra wouldn't do well since she had just been diagnosed with an ear infection, but she did great. Katie however had a little trouble with the decline. It must have been a sight to see watching two parents sink down to this child's level and make goofy jaw dropping faces to get her to do the same (so her ears would pop).

Then on the way back toward home Katie pooped in her diaper just minutes before we were supposed to board on a lay over flight from Indianapolis to Chicago. Unfortunately, because we are in the midst of potty training and had exhausted our supply of diapers on the trip, I didn't have a single diaper. I quickly went to an airport kiosk, paid $6 for a two pack of diapers and boarded the plane with my poopy daughter. Then I looked at the package and realized they were a size 3, which wouldn't be too bad except for the fact that she wears a size 5! Oh well, I knew I could squeeze her in. I waited anxiously until we were high enough in the air so we could take her into the teeny stall, hoping that nobody could smell the stench that I smelled. Finally the stewardess said something about the lavatory, and I darted for the door. Only, when I reached the front, the stewardess said "what do you think you're doing? the seat belt light is still on. You can't come up front." I thought that our short jaunt up front seemed rather steep. I guess I would have to wait a few more minutes. Only that time never came. Because it was such a short flight, we basically barely got to maximum height before we had to come back down. So here I sat with a poopy daughter, and an overpriced pack of diapers that were the wrong size. That's life with a two year old! It was an adventure and always is. Oh, and by the way, when I finally did change her at the airport, her little deposit was about the size of a dime. Wow, that kid can pack a punch!

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I don't have any cute comments to share today, however I do have a couple pictures to share. Kyra has been in a coloring frenzy lately. And every time she amazes us with her detail and creativity. I just love looking at the images that compile in their little heads! Here they are:

Here she drew her friends in the car. There's even exhaust and the yellow lines on the road. I never knew she paid attention to that kind of detail.

Yesterday, she learned for the first time about astronauts. And based on this one day, she drew a rocket ship going to outer space and visiting all the planets. If you look closely, she even drew the details of Earth (blue and green for the land and water). And to the upper right of Earth is Saturn with it's rings. Call me a boastful mother, but I'm proud.

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Sweet Pea's First Pics

When I was pregnant with both of my girls, we decided not to find out with either one. It was very exciting to have that big announcement: It's a....! Although, I have to say, with Katie it was a lot harder not knowing (but definitely worth it). However, this time, knowing it is our last one, we just had to know. Being able to prepare the baby's room is a big plus. But at the same time, I also wanted to give myself a few months to mentally prepare. You see, when Katie was born, I was almost 99% sure she was a boy. And of course I was glad that she was healthy and beautiful, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit disappointed that she wasn't a boy in those first few moments. Of course now, I couldn't be happier. The two girls are great companions, and I enjoy watching them play and learn from each other. Needless, to say we decided to find out the sex of our baby.

I love guessing games though. So, before I make the big announcement, I want you to tell me what you think we are having. Are we going to be swimming in sugar and spice like Jenny, or entering into the world of snails and toads? I will leave you with some pictures of our little one, and then share our news in a couple days (a little squirming is good for the soul). Of course no guessing if you actually do know, and you know who you are!

Our baby's profile, it had it's mouth open almost the whole time! Definitely daddy's child!

My first 3D ultrasound, again baby's mouth is open!

This picture is my favorite. Although it might be harder to tell, the baby has it's lil' hand in front of it's face, and the other arm by the side of it's head. I'm in love already!

Time keeps tickin...tickin...

Wow! I can't believe it has been a month since I blogged. I haven't been exactly in the mood to write in a while, but a! February was a relatively low key month (at least I think it was...but my prego brain doesn't always serve me right). I've spent a lot of time searching the net for bunk beds for the girls (since they will be moving in together to allow room for the little one). I was surprised how much of my time this consumed. I think I was being a little too particular in my search. We did find one bed we really liked, but it was out of our price range. After finding that bed, nothing seemed to compare. Now that I have wasted all that time, I am pretty sure we are going to get two single beds. After all, my mom pointed out I would be doing most of the bed making, and this momma doesn't want to get a work out daily by making a child's bed (although that might be good exercise for me). Anyway, I'm rambling on (which I guess will happen when you haven't written in a month).

The last half of February just simply flew by. We had a nice visit from all my siblings. We had a great time chatting and letting the cousins finally play, after what seemed like time after time of cancellations because one or more of our family members was always sick. The kids even went roller skating for the first time. Good times! Then we had our much awaited ultrasound and were off to Florida the following day. And wouldn't you know it, Kyra got an ear infection the day before we left. Yes, I was a little worried how that might affect the plane ride, but thankfully we knew of the infection before we left and she was aokay.

So there you have it. That was our month in a nutshell. Of course I'm leaving out many details, like that of our trip and ummm... the sex of our baby!!! But I'll leave that for a post later this week (yes, I promise).