Uh, You Gotta Little Schmutz

One of my husband's greatest pet peeves is when you have something on your face and no one tells you about it before you make a fool of yourself. Well unfortunately my husband was not here to help me out, because it just happened to me big time.

You see we've been a little sick in our household, cooped up, and tired of being in the house. So when I saw a coupon for buy a shake, get one free, we headed out for drive thru!! I sat there twiddling my thumbs in the car, patiently waiting for the girl to serve us our shakes. But when we got out of the car, my daughter said "silly mom, why are you wearing a mustache?" A mustache, what? I quickly ran to a mirror, and was horrified to find I must have smeared the newspaper clipping from the coupon on my upper lip. Did the server see it? She hadn't cracked a smile, but she sure did take a long time. Maybe she was yucking it up with all her friends? And if she did see it, she didn't even tell me about it. How dare she! Or maybe she just thought it was a Halloween costume.

Oh well, fortunately my daughters and I got a good laugh over the whole ordeal. And now maybe you can too. Have a happy weekend everyone.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The girls are making me smile as usual, here are some of the cute things they said this week:

While in the car:
Kyra: What does that word spell? (ever since school started she's been enamored with words and sounding out everything. In the car she likes to look at all the signs. I just LOVE it!)
Mom: Well, it doesn't spell anything really, because it's an abbreviation. (we've already explained abbreviations to her)
Kyra: (She continues to point out many stores that have or are abbreviated) Mom, how come there are so many abbreviations?
Mom: I'm not sure, but there are certainly more than I realized were out there.
Kyra: We're just good abbreviation seekers!

While at the dinner table:
Katie: Mom, is this my right hand?
Mom: Yes, very good.
Katie: (she points to the other hand) And this is my middle hand right?
Mom: (trying not to laugh) Oh, Katie silly that's not your middle hand, you don't have a middle hand.
Katie: I was just kidding mom, I know it's my other right hand.
(we got some learnin to do!!)

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Andrew update: 4 months

Well, our little sprout keeps growing. He has nearly doubled his weight in 4 months, weighing 15 lbs. Of course that's evident in the way he eats, because he is constantly hungry!! But not only has he almost doubled in weight, he is growing like a bean stalk, measuring just over 27 inches. His doctor said his gums are swollen already, so it's probably only a matter of time before those little teeth come. And he certainly is chowing away on all of his fingers.

As far as sleep goes, well we seemed to have relapsed. He was sleeping 8 hours through the night, but has gone back to waking up one or two times in the night. I have tried putting his binki back in his mouth, but that won't cut it. He wants the real deal. So, pretty soon we're probably going to have to start cereal or more supplementation. Because after you've experienced real sleep for a time, it sure is hard to go back to getting up several times a night.

As far as new milestones, there aren't a whole lot. He continues to be a very smiley, laughy baby. Often times he picks prayer time during dinner to laugh. Good thing God has a good sense of humor, because the laughter is contagious. He also seems to be a very social bug, because he wants to be sitting with us at the dinner table. He does not want to be left out of the action.

Yes, this is a great stage (aren't they all though at certain points?). Katie loves that he smiles at her, yet isn't stealing her toys. I love that we can still go places and not be tied down to naps yet, since he's still a mobile sleeper. He surely is a blessing from above.

Who's Who?

*You guys are too good. Yes, Andrew is on the left, and Kyra is on the right. Funny thing is, Kyra was only 5 weeks old when I took her photo and Andrew is about 17 weeks old!

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones have been gabbing about in our household. Here are some of the things they've said:

During lunch:
Kyra: Do you know what a pirouweb is?
Mom: I think you mean pirouette, and yes it's a ballet move. Wow Kyra, that's a pretty big word, where did you learn about that?
Kyra: (very matter of fact) From Rudy.
(I know we have a smart dog, but I highly doubt he shared this info with our daughter!)

During prayer:
Katie: I'll pray.
Mom: Okay, go ahead, but today try and tell Jesus what you are thankful for (she usually only likes to say a recited prayer)
Katie: Okay. Dear Jesus, thank you for the day. I hope you are okay, and I hope you listen to God. Amen.

While playing with Andrew:
(Katie likes to get in her brother's face all the time...I mean in his face, and baby talk to him while kissing his hands, nose, and toes. It gets a little out of control and invasive, but I know she loves him. She has developed a couple names for him, that she uses over and over, where she comes up with them who knows, but it's kinda funny and sweet.)
Katie: Hey squishy boy, you smooshy squishy boy.
(she also calls him her snuggle boy, soo cute)

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