February, the New January

Okay, remember all those New Year's resolutions that we were ready to try come the beginning of the year. Riiightt....well, I didn't exactly stick to mine. In fact, I didn't even make it a week!And kudos to many of you who have stuck to yours. I have read many a blog that testifies of the organization, bible reading, and weight loss that you have kept up with in the New Year. I admire your ambition and persistance. Anyway, I have not been so ambitious. So much for losing weight in time for the hub's "Christmas" party (they always do their holiday party after the New Year - I think it's cheaper to rent a hall that way :). So much for getting organized during the long cold month. And so much for beginning to read the Bible in chronological order.

Now, I know what you are thinking, it's not too late! And you are right, it's not. In fact I have had so many inspirational sermon's/bible studies as of late that I want to continue to try my hardest to reach some of those goals. But I think I made too many to make them all obtainable. I have to remember baby steps help you achieve a goal. I also had a suggestion from a friend of mine in Bible Study. She suggested making a prayer journal. Now that really wasn't one of my goals, but I think keeping up with a prayer journal will help me keep some of my goals.

So, come Feb. 1 I am getting up in the morning, going for my morning jog (okay, more of a walk), and then start the day by being still in prayer. It's really a neat journal. She had me write 7 headlines (ex: forgiveness, praise, personal needs, national needs, ect.) and then each day, under those headlines, I pray for something different (ex: Monday-forgive/my anger, Praise/a song, Personal Needs/hubs health & safety, National Needs/president). That way, when I open my prayer journal, I know exactly what to pray for (and add urgent prayer needs beyond that). I'm excited and hopeful to begin my days in such a positive way. And if I stray, that's okay, because I can just pick up the next day and start anew.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones in our house are talking this week, here are a few of our conversations:

While playing in the living room:
Kyra: (whinning) Katie, stop copying me!
Katie: Copin me!
Kyra: NO. Josh (her older cousin), doesn't like it when I copy him, so I don't like it either!
(Oh, a dose of her own medicine)

During prayer time:
Kyra: Can I pray?
Mom: Sure, just make sure you try to pray for things that are important to you (lately, she just says - Lord thank you for everything we needed, Amen).
Kyra: Okay. Dear Lord, thank you for the Lord. Thank you for everything we needed (so much for specifics). Help us to listen to each other, be patient, and precious to one another. Keep my Mom and Dad safe, and help them to not run away. Amen.
(awww...she did end up praying for specifics, and how precious was that prayer. Did we give her any indication we were running away though?)

While in the car:
Mom: Look Kyra, there's the mailman.
Kyra: No Mom, that's a mailperson.
(leave it to my daughter to correct her politically incorrect mother)

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Singing Praises

Yesterday, we had a sermon about giving praise to God. Now normally that wouldn't hit me that hard. God calls us to give Him praise, as well as we deem Him worthy of our praise. Yet, the pastor was saying that giving praise to God is something that WE need. Come again? Huh? Why would we need it? This is where I became deeper involved...

The scripture was based on Acts 16:16-25. It's a story of Paul and Silas, and how they were greeted by a slave girl and scorned for their efforts in saving people to become believers of God. They were seized, brought to the Romans, attacked, stripped, beaten, and thrown in prison. Then after they were put in their cell, they began to sing hymns to God. Wow, now I can imagine praying for mercy, but singing praises to God? How hard would that be after all that torture. I don't think I would have it in me. Yet the pastor asked us, "how often do we go to music for comfort in times of trial?" We probably do it more then we think. Singing "Amazing Grace," "Jesus Loves Me," "Then Sings My Soul," "Thy Lamp," can all be very therapeutic. They are reminders to us of how great God's love is for us. They help us in dark times see that God is not forsaking us. So the next time you are feeling down, in marital stress, or experience a death, try singing a song of praise. We need it.

Don't Always Believe a 3 Year Old

Last week after dance class, we picked up Kyra, and asked her how her class went. She said, "pretty good," which is pretty much her response to everything unless the event left a really great impression (I'm already having visions of short lived conversations after school in the near future). Anyhow, although she rarely likes to elaberate on her experience at dance class, I usually see her talking up a storm to her teacher in class (hence, not always paying attention to the steps that could make her an aspiring dancer some day :) So, when I asked her if she listened to her teacher today, it came as no surprise for her to say, "not really." However, she then said, "Mommy I was a bit naughty. Mia and I weren't listening and broke something." Oh great I thought, my child hasn't even gone to school yet and she is already a potential principal office child! I did however, admire her honesty. When asked what she broke, she couldn't remember, and repeatedly apologized for her actions. I told her that we would have to talk to her teacher, and she would have to apologize to the teacher. She went to bed that evening without any dessert (we don't typically have dessert anyway, but that night she asked for it, and we said no), and I just reitterated how important it was to obey and listen to her teacher. A very sad (and honestly, tearful) Kyra went to bed.

Now fast forward to a week later. We were on our way to dance class again, and before I even brought up the incident again, Kyra told me that first thing, she was going to apologize to her teacher. I was quite impressed that she remembered, because I frankly had forgotten about the whole ordeal. She marched right in to the class, and said she was sorry to the teacher. The teacher however looked quite confused. I then took her aside and said that she was sorry for breaking whatever she broke, and I would like to replace the item. The teacher then smiled, and said Kyra didn't break anything. She said they giggled and got sidetracked a few times (like any normal 3 year old would), but that she was fine! Oh my goodness, did I feel like a dipwad. I had repremanded my poor little daughter, for a tall tale she made up. I guess from now on I will know to talk to the teacher before I trust a 3 year old's story. To think Kyra took the heat for something she didn't even do (and sacrificed her fudgecicle for it too). Needless to say, my guilt stepped in, and she got 2 cookies after dance.

Wordless Wednesday

My first attempt at pigtails with the hairless wonder! Needless to say, they're a little lopsided, because of the wiggly little peanut and the lack of long hair. It was fun while it lasted. Hubs called her BamBam.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here's a few of the cute conversations we've had with the kiddo's this past week:

While watching a grown up show:
(Kyra caught a snipit of a show I was watching, which just happened to have a scene where a man and woman french kissed).
Kyra: Moommmy! Look, they just kissed. They are married right?
Mom: No, they aren't married, they just really like each other.
Kyra: But then tomorrow they can get dressed up and get married right? (my sister was just in a wedding and was dressed up all beautifully. She now seems to think if you get dressed up and kiss a man, then butta bing butta boom, you're married).
Mom: Well...it's not that easy, they have to really be in love first.
Kyra: (moving on) Oh, that was called a chomp kiss right?
Mom: Why do you say that?
Kyra: Because they chomp up and down like this (and proceeds to chomp)
(okay, time to turn off this program)

While goofing around, some one passed gas:
(I had permission from my hubby for this one-I guess now you know who passed gas)
Kyra: Daddy, you are sooo stinky!
Dad: Who's the number one stinker?
Kyra: You are!
Dad: But who's the number 2 stinker (trying to get her to turn on her mother of course)
Kyra: You still are!
Dad: Really? Well then what's Mom?
Kyra: A scuba diver.
(We then proceeded to laugh. I had no idea what she meant by scuba diver, but at least she was loyal to her mama!)

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Thoughtless Thursday

One of things I always wished growing up was that I was closer in age, and closer in location to my cousins. It brings me great joy to see these cousins bonding closer to together with every visit, and although they are still within a 3 hour drive away (it's not that far away), they are only 2 weeks apart!


I have never been one to talk politics. There are so many politicians out there with so many views and opinions, I tend to get lost in it all. In the past, I never knew much about the candidates that I voted for (I know, shame shame), and therefore pretty much just voted a straight ticket to avoid confusion. However, the Michigan Primary was yesterday, and I decided that I needed to be a little more proactive with my choice (understanding that it is really important that I make a more educated decision). Yet, with so many candidates for 2008, how was I to find a candidate that I deemed most appropriate for the job? With all the media, I hear so little about the actual issues, and more about their personality and issues with each other.

Well, our local news station provided a link for a website that helps you pick a candidate! You answer a few questions, and they find a candidate that best suites you (based on the issues you deem most important, and how you feel about them). My hubby and I found it very interesting, if not for the candidate that it chose for us, just a topic of conversation on how we really feel about certain issues (or what some even mean).

Here's the link, if you want to take a stab at it: http://glassbooth.org/

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Wow, this week Kyra had so many things that had us laughing so hard we practically fell out of our chairs. Of course wouldn't you believe it, I thought they were so memorable I didn't think I needed to write them down - apparently I was wrong. Anyway, here are a few I remembered:

While coloring:
Kyra: Mom, who created God?
Mom: Well, sweety, no one did. He has been there from the very beginning.
Kyra: But He has to have a Mommy.
(Aww...where do I even go on this one.)

While in the car:
Kyra: Mom, on Christmas Day, I forgot to tell Jesus - Happy Birthday!
(Oh, He knows babe, He knows)

While filling out a preschool application:
Mom: (the question on the app was, "what is your child's concept of God", hmm...maybe I'll just ask her) Kyra, who is God?
Kyra: (pauses, and then nonchalantly says) Nobody.
(Evidently she forgot who we pray to everyday, talk about at Sunday School, and learn about through song and books - not to mention her previous conversations about Him).

While getting PJ's on with Dad:
Dad: Here, Kyra, put these on.
Kyra: But Dad, they don't match.
Dad: Sure they do, they're both blue
Kyra: No, this one has white in it, and the other has stripes (then shakes her head). You're just not very good at this are you. Mom knows which ones match.
(2 minutes later, Kyra comes into the living room with her PJ's on, with the previous conversation unbeknownst to Mom).
Mom: Kyra, your PJ's don't match.
Dad: (rolls his eyes) Like mother, like daughter!

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Monday Meanderings

One of Kyra's favorite Christmas gifts was her dress up box. Sometimes she has greeted me first thing in the morning with her princess shoes on! I was never one to encourage the whole princess thing, but I think we're beyond the point of no return. One of the reasons I didn't want to encourage it was because her dad is such an outdoorsy guy, that I would think this would tear her farther and farther away (ex: "Kyra, do you want to go outside with me and build a snowman? No, Dad, how about you take me to the mall!) The other is that I didn't want her to enter upon the world of vanity. Okay, so I might be going a little extreme here, after all she's just using her imagination, right? Well, you tell me...here is a recent conversation I had with my 3 (going on 16 year old):

During Quiet Time
Mom: Kyra, whatcha doing?
Kyra: I'm going to Princess Church (all dressed up in her garb of course)
Mom: Princess Church, huh...what do you do at Princess Church?
Kyra: You dance of course (as she twirls around).
Mom: Can I come to this church?
Kyra: Noooo
Mom: How come? I thought all were welcome to church?
Kyra: Not this church, it's for princess' and unicorns only.

There you have it folks. She's learning exclusion of different denominations already, no nonprincess' aloud! If you ain't a princess, you ain't much. What has her little world come to? Next thing you know she's going to ask for makeup, and heaven only knows what that will lead to. As you can see from the photo too, is that she is working on training her first follower. I think we'll need an intervention pretty soon (or maybe we'll just let her be 3!)

Old Wives Tales

Well, apparently if I take the "binki" away from my daughter, she'll just find something else to put in her mouth, because that's what she did today. Yes, my daughter opened a forbidden drawer (we have many of those in our house - most of them now being locked, but for goodness sakes, I can't lock them ALL!), and found my husband's chewing gum. I politely told Katie to put it back and shut the drawer (a sensible mom would have just taken it away, but oh no - I like to trust the 1 1/2 year to be responsible on her own). Anyway, I walked away for a moment and came back to the kitchen to find that she had opened the pack of gum and had not chewed, but eaten 2/3rds of the package! AHH...7 years in her stomach, oh no! Surely she won't die, as the old wives tales go, from swallowing the package of gum (just kidding, come on give me more credit then that!).

Anyway, I highly doubted that the gum would rot in her stomach for that amount of time. For goodness sakes, even I know how strong the acids in our stomachs are, however I thought I would check the internet just to be sure. To my reassurance, there were many websites to assure me that my daughter would make it out okay. One website even said that it was safer to swallow gum then it was to chew gum. Anyway, here is a website to peruse, just for your delight.: http://www.snopes.com/oldwives/chewgum.asp

Now, back to keeping my daughter out of drawers. Do I have to put a padlock on everything? I'm running out of shelf space. Or better question yet, am I going to have to moniter Katie's diaper tonight for bottom bubbles?

Thoughtless Thursday

I told you we'd have trouble taking the binki away!

Works for Me Wednesdays

I am new to the Works for Me Wednesdays (and question addition at that), but I had a question today anyway, so I thought why not go for it.

This month we have been searching for preschools for my daughter who will be 4 in the fall. What came as a big surprise to me was that open enrollment began already for some of the area schools and are already filled up. Apparently I am not as on the ball as I thought I was (figuring that searching in January would leave me plenty of time). Now we had been wondering what would be best for our little girl - christian school, homeschooling, or public school. We have a fairly good public school system, but it would be nice to have the added benefits of a Christian education (but then there is the cost issue - wow, expensive). I am all for homeschooling, but honestly think I would go bananas trying to teach a 4 year old while the 2 year old is running around the house causing destruction. So, I guess my question is what are some of your (bloggy mommy's) views on Christian verses public education?

I guess when it comes down to it, we simply have to pray that we make the right decision. And I know if we picked the wrong school, it's not like we couldn't pull her out, or even that she would be scared for life for not having the best preschool experience (are we being overprotective parents or what?).

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Tiny Talk Tuesday

I think we are finally getting back into the swing of things now that Christmas is done. Now if I can just get down my Christmas decorations....I guess for now I'll just leave you with newly updated kiddy talk.

In the process of getting PJ's on:
Mom: Kyra, time to get PJ's on!
Kyra: (with a grimacy face) Dad, let's stack her into a pile.
(apparently, she wasn't pleased with my comment, but just how is she going to accomplish that one?)

At the dinner table:
Kyra: Someday when I get older I can be married. Grandma told me so.
Mom: Yes, you sure can.
Kyra: You're married right?
Mom: Yes.
Kyra: Can I marry Daddy?
Mom: I'm afraid not, he's taken. I'm married to Daddy.
Kyra: I guess I'll have to marry Uncle Mike then.
(not the choice I would have thought, and fortunately he's taken too. There is plenty of time girlfriend, plenty of time.)

After a bath:
Mom: Katie, come her, we need to comb your hair.
Katie: (after we finished her hair) You turn (as she pushes me to the floor. She begins to comb my hair or rather pull my hair. She has really gotten into dolls and combing hair lately, but unfortunately has never been too gentle).
Mom: (I turn around) All done?
Katie: Nooooo. Tun round. Sit dun. (and proceeds to push my head around. Ahh, my little drill sargeant. This happens a dozen or so more times, until I finally put it to a stop. I just enjoy her becoming more interactive and using more little phrases.)

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