Bloggy Friends

I just want to thank all of you women who have encouraged me through your thoughtful comments. It truly is uplifting and wonderful to know that there are so many women, both old time friends, and ones of whom I have never even met, that have such a beautiful heart. I am blessed to have encountered you through bloggy land. Thank you.


Headlines: A couple leaves a family member outside all night long, because of a miscommunication. Do you...

A. Shake your head at the stupidity of some people out there?
B. Call the authorities to have them taken away?
C. Put them in the barn all night long and see how they like it?

Well, hopefully you just picked A., because we are that family. Of course, before you get on the phone to call the police to report neglect, let me tell you it was our dog (of course maybe now you'll call PETA!).

I still can't believe what happened. Rudy, our beloved dog of 6 years loves to run around outside as long as you are with him. So, pretty much if we come inside, he will immediately bark to let you know that he wants in too. Last night, my hubby was working on tearing down a barn, while the dog ran around aimlessly chasing lights, noises in the brush, and who knows what. All of a sudden the rain started to pour down, so they quickly ran into the nearest barn until the rain subsided. Evidently, when the rain stopped and the hubs closed the barn door to come inside, he assumed that Rudy followed him. Apparently not.

I, of course, assumed that the hubs had put Rudy in his kennel, for he was probably covered in mud. I could have asked my husband if this were so, but we were both really tired, and by the time I thought to ask, he was already in bed. Needless, to say as my husband was headed out the door for work at 6AM this morning, he came in the bedroom to give me a kiss goodbye and asked if I put Rudy in his kennel last night (evidently he wondered when he wasn't greeted by a slobbery doggy kiss this morning). I jumped out of bed and said "What do you mean? I thought you put him in his kennel last night?" I quickly threw on my sweats and grabbed a flashlight, thinking only of the worst scenerios. I knew he didn't run away, because he is like velcro in that he always sticks by your side. Fortunately, as soon as I run outside, Rudy came running to the door. The hubs ran down the details of the previous night, and added that he remembered Rudy might be in the barn. And that he was.

Now, Rudy is safe and sound sleeping on his favorite couch. After an early morning bath, he is as good as new. I am only thankful that the worst didn't happen, and that dogs are hopelessly forgiving. He was safe in a sheltered building (although I don't want to think of the barn mice scurrying around in there - thank goodness for up to date shots and pills), and it didn't get too cold last night. I guess, from now on we will be not only checking to see if there girls are sleeping soundly in their bed, but the dog too.

Thoughtless Thursday

Do you think she's enjoying her dancing class?


I have been avoiding blogging lately because I have so many deep thoughts scrambling through my head, with the reluctancy to share because of how dark my thoughts are and a writers block as to how to construct on the computer what meanders through my head. I have been dealing with some mild depression issues this past year, and came to the conclusion that if I just became busier and surrounded myself with activities and to do lists, then I wouldn't have time to think of all the reasons why God put me here on earth. So, I started babysitting, blogging, taking my daughter to dance class, going to the library more frequently, and exercising. All of those are good things, but I was avoiding the critical problem at hand. For awhile keeping busy kept my mind off of the main problem, but how quickly Satan slips in a hurtful comment through someone or a moment of insecurity to bring us back down again.

I realized that one of the reasons I have been down this past year is because my relationship with God suffers. I was rarely praying, never read the Bible, and almost always focused on something else while half listening to the sermon at church. One of my biggest fears is that my children will grow up with as many insecurities as I have, and not lean on God when they go through their deepest valleys. And how can I raise my kids to know their Savior if I lack a good relationship myself? I know in order to have a healthy life for myself I need to be grounded in the Bible. So I added one more thing to my to do list, and that was to join a women's Bible Study.

It has been years since I have been in an actual bible study that focused on a book of the Bible rather than a book focused on how to become a better wife, mother, or steward of the earth (not that there's anything wrong with those, I just needed to come back to the book that actually has all the answers to all of those questions). The group I joined is studying the book of John. And although the first meeting was a little intimidating (not knowing anyone, and already having thoughts of - well this person is so much better versed in the Bible, or I just won't belong here because I am not wearing the same type of clothing). I just can't let Satan win with the doubts he throws my way. I know God will win in bringing me closer to Him and hopefully maybe some of these women too.

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Those kiddo's are always saying things to make us laugh (life would be so dull without them). If you'd like to look at some other cute kid talk, take a look at
Here's a look at our kids:
While at the grocery store:
Me: (I was waiting momentarily, quietly for a women to finish picking out her cereal before squeezing past her in an isle that was too tight to pass)
Kyra: SCUSE us lady, we need to get through!!
(yes, those manners are working well)
While in the car:
Kyra: Mom, can I look at this book?
Me: Sure Babe. (of course I really wasn't paying attention to what she was looking at until, I peered out the rearview mirror and found her with an atlas)
Kyra: I found Michigan!
Me: That's great babe. (Of course I figured she was pointing to Maine, Indiana, or Hawaii).
Kyra: I found Grand Rabbits!
Me: (of course I couldn't see what she was pointing too, while I was driving, but the Grand Rabbits made me laugh)

PS: after I got out of the car, to my surprise she had found Michigan and was pointing directly
to Grand Rapids! Wow, I never even told her about Grand Rapids, her daddy must be
working with her. What a memory!
While at lunch:
Me: Katie, eat your lunch. You've hardly eaten anything! Just take a bite of your sandwich.
Katie: NO! (as she launches her pb&j into my face)
Me: (I had to try so hard not to laugh. For some reason jelly dripping down my face at that moment was
very humorous. Perhaps dealing with this strong willed child is setting me off the deep end)


Both of my girls took a binki from birth (aka: pacifier, pipe, plug, life saver). And funny how it seems, as they get older they only grow more attached. Of course, Kyra has long outgrown hers (although she occasionally grabs Katie's and pretends to suck on it as if she were the baby). However, with Katie, we have to make sure that the binki is always within arms reach. As of late she has been pretty good without it, only needing it for sleeping time, but she still has her moments (she just cut her last 4 teeth in the past month -duh, that's why she was a "little" cranky).

Anyway, it seems like we have gone through at least two dozen binki's since her birth. I try to keep one in her bed, one in the car, and one in the diaper bag. My only problem is that I forget to put them back in their correct spot if I have taken out a safety net binki. And seeing as how, she loves to chuck them and lose them as much as she loves to put them in her mouth - I go through quit a few. So, this morning, only having two left, I made sure to keep a close eye on them. Only that plan didn't work so well. The first one got lost at church while she was in nursery (apparently they needed to take it out of the diaper bag). That's okay, I still had one left. I made sure to leave it in her crib, only Daddy got her up from her nap and forgot to take it out (I've got to blame it on someone!). Needless to say, she played outside for awhile, we forgot that she had it, I put her down to sleep, and realized I was missing the most powerful sleep aide! Where was that binki?

Figuring she might go to sleep without it, I read her a story, layed her down, said goodnight, and turned off the light. Not 1 second later, she started crying - screaming "BEEKEE". I turned the light back on, only to see these big blue eyes water up, with her lower lip quiver. Oh, my heart just about fell. I told her I'd be right back, and out the door I went. Yes, I took my flashlight, and went outside to search for the secret weapon. I tried retracing her steps from the tractor, to the weeds in the woods, to the tee ball set, to the rose bush, and finally to the gravel turn around and found the bright orange binki. Yes, I now remembered she must have dropped it there when she saw Rudy (our dog) eat an overripe tomato, and want it for herself. Phew!

I ran to her room, where she was still whimpering, and gave her the binki. She quickly grabbed it, shoved it in her mouth, and dropped like a rock to her side. Ahh, my work was done. And wouldn't you know, I checked on her 2 minutes later, only to find her sound asleep, WITHOUT her binki in her mouth!

Pumpkin Patch

I love fall time. I start thinking about bundling up in a warm blanket, cozying up in front of the fire, viewing all the trees changing colors, and tasting all those warm harvest foods and desserts. I like taking out those favorite pair of jeans or cords (of course so I don't have to show my legs anymore), and feeling the crisp air - a change from the blazing sun (not something we are feeling right now of course during this 85 degree week). So, even though fall is sadly the entering season to winter (which I don't care for), I love it.

In the past few years (ever since we started having kids), we have started a new fall tradition too. That is going to a pumpkin farm. Usually our friends from Illinois come for the weekend, we go to a scarecrow festival and chili cookoff and then eat warm doughnuts and cider the following day. The kids have fun on hayrides and pony rides, while running through mazes and laughing as they chase one another. What could be better than this? The thought of it just echos comfort, family, and love.

Anyhow, last weekend I decided to get a jump on the season and go to an apple/ pumpkin/ animal farm. Of course the daily chores piled up and we were unable to go (good thing we didn't tell the kids of our plans otherwise we would have had some unhappy campers). We had close to an hour before their nap time, so we decided to have our own harvest time and cut off our pumpkins from the patch. Daddy gave the girls a ride in the wheelbarrow and they each got to pick out "their" perfect pumpkin. It was a great time and the best part was, we only had to step out of our front door!

A Night on the Town

Last night during dinner, my husband casually asked, "Do you want to go out tonight or tomorrow night?" Come again? He was actually volunteering to watch the kids so I could go out for the evening. Ahh, what a guy. I naturally picked last night, seeing as how it was the warmer of the two nights, and it was also bath night, which meant, I didn't have to give baths!! Whewhew!! Of course, I didn't actually think it through too well, because having little notice, none of my friends were able to do anything. So I ventured out on my own.

I thought I would head to the mall, when it dawned on me...I'll go see a movie! I love movies and my husband, well not so much. He's more the outdoorsy type. So he humors me once in awhile to watch a film, but usually falls asleep. Of course, as I looked to see what was playing the only thing that interested me was Bourne Supremacy and 3:10 to Yuma. Now, even though my hubby isn't usually a movie fan I know he would quite upset if I saw Bourne Supremacy without him so I saw the latter.
I had heard pretty good reviews on this western starring, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, and it did live up to it's reviews. Crowe was cocky and humorous, Bale was sensitive and humble. They played their parts very well (would you expect any less from the two?) However, there wasn't as many shot um up scenes as I would have thought in a western, and the ending had me conflicted as to if that sort of thing would really happen. But I had a great time and laughed it up in a theater filled mostly with older men. Does nobody like westerns anymore?

Note to Self

When you think you have put something far enough out of reach on the counter so your toddler can't reach's not far enough. Yes, she has started to scale kitchen and desktop countertops (climbing up the fronts of drawers and cabinet doors). Oy vay!

Mrs. Helpful recap

Just to let you know...when my husband got home, he just laughed at the ordeal. Thankfully he knows I am pretty ignorant when it comes to having to do anything mechanical or outdoorsy, so he was able to see that it was the thought that counted.

Of course he did say that if I ever wanted to try again...all I had to do was sit on the fender while mowing the steep edge and that if it did get stuck again all I had to do was pull the hydrolic thing a magig and my problems would be solved. (riight, I think I'll just let him handle it).

Mrs. Helpful

A friend and I have been swapping babysitting for the last couple of weeks, so we are each able to have a few hours a week to get some cleaning/errands/alone time. It has been really nice to have a few hours to get something done without the kids, but I have found that you need to be really diligent with the time, or else those 3 hours will go by very quickly and nothing will get accomplished (aka: interuptions with phone calls, quick glance at the blog, etc..).

Anyway, today was my time to get something done, so I planned out what I was going to do with my time before 9am this morning. And seeing as how cleaning my house wasn't much of interest (even though it probably could have used it), I decided to mow the lawn. Now, normally this is my husband's job, but he has been so busy lately I decided I would surprise him to help him out!

Needless to say, it didn't go very well. I have mowed the lawn, oh...probably 4 times in my lifetime (pathetic, I know, but true). I knew in the past how to start the rider mower, but it's been awhile. Anywho, I couldn't get it started. I decided to let the surprise go and call my husband to see how to start it. He explained how I couldn't start it with the mower deck on (duh), and that I needed to fill the tank, and blow up the rear tire with the air compressor since it periodically goes flat. Whew! This was turning out to be more of a project then I intended. Nevertheless, I got it started and was on my way. Typically it takes 3 hours (for my husband) to mow the lawn, since we have a rather large yard, so I knew I wouldn't get it done in my now being only 1 1/2 hours left, but I thought better some than none. I was having fun, getting the hang of the bouncy mower while balancing my coffee, when the hardest part of the lawn approached. We have a fairly steep decline by our driveway, but my husband always seems to manage it, so I attempted a try. Yeah, that was a bad decision. The wheels started spinning, and I began to feel the mower tip to the right. The thought of rolling over down a hill on a lawnmower was a tidbit scary, so I quickly shut off the ignition and got off. I tried pushing the mower down the hill while in neutral, but that didn't work. Needless to say, that mower wasn't going anywhere and I was stuck.

So, I guess my thoughts of being helpful to my husband were not so helpful. Now, he has to get the mower unstuck and mow the rest of the lawn! I've gotten stuck on the driveway in the snow before, but never in the summer time! Oh well, hopefully he sees it's the thought that counts. Love you honey!

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Our kids kept us laughing all week with things they said and things they did. If you want to read some other cute kid talk, click here:

For now, here are some of the things my kids said:

While reading an animal book:
Mom: Kyra, what is this animal? (it was a chinchilla)
Kyra: Well, that is a tricky one
Mom: I'll give you a clue, it starts with a ch sound
Kyra: Oh! A chinrabbit!

While reading an alphabet princess book:
Mom: What letter is this?
Kyra: An S
Mom: What is this a picture of that starts with the letter S?
Kyra: (pausing) Ahh, Sleeping Booty!
(I had to try not to laugh when she said that one)

At Logan's Restaurant in the bathroom:
Kyra: This potty has a black seat. I love going potty on this black toilet.
Mom: (half answering back, since it's been a few minutes) That's great Kyra, but try hurrying up, we have to get back to the table. (then I make the mistake of looking over her shoulder to see if she's actually done anything)
Kyra: Mooom, I went poops. You can't touch my poops, you can only look. It's got germs on it, so don't touch, but you can look at it if you want.
(of course that was said really loudly with several in the bathroom. They always pick the best timing)

While walking down the sidewalk, with several small bugs behind her:
Kyra: Come on fellas!

After running into the car during a steady rain:
Kyra: Mom, I want the rain to go away.
Mom: I know sweety, so do I but there isn't much we can do about it.
Kyra: I can get rid of it.
Mom: Oh really, what can you do?
Kyra: I can fly up to the clouds, and tell them to stop making the rain.
(now how did she get so smart)

Kyra Chat

A conversation today with my 3 year old daughter on the way home in the car:

Kyra: Mom, DO NOT say a word.
Mom: How come?
Kyra: Just don't say a word.
Mom: (pauses, with silent laughter at the dramatics of this little girl)
Kyra: We have to be quiet for the chrysalis.
Mom (whoa, amazed she learned such a big word, wondered where she learned it, and does she
even know what it means?) Kyra, what is a chrysalis?
Kyra: It's the part when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly!
Mom: (well, apparently PBS is teaching her something)

A prodigy in the making?

While in college, there was a group called Dance Guild that I joined. I wasn't involved in any choir, sport, or band so I figured I should get involved in something. So, as a freshman I joined the Dance Guild primarily because no prior experience of dance was needed. To my surprise I loved it, and remained in the club all 4 years. I learned how to tap, do some liturgical dancing, even a little swingdancing. It was fun and exciting. Of course in 4 years you only learn so much, but it was still exhilerating and I found myself wishing I had entered into a career of dancing at an earlier age (of course that is only hindsight, because I know I did ballet in kindergarten and told my mom that year was the last year - so she did try).

So maybe I never became a white swan, but there is hope for one of my daughters right? Duhn, duhn, duhn. Maybe I can live vicariously through Kyra! Could she be the next dancing prodigy? Okay, well maybe not. But crazy as it is, at 3 years old I spontaneously decided to put her in dance lessons. I teeter tottered over putting her in and all, thinking maybe she is too young to be spending what I consider a substantial amount of money, but what if....? What if she loves it, and does well? Is that too foolish? Anyway, despite my wishy washy feelings, I decided to go for it. And the look on her face after she got her first pair of ballet slippers tonight was priceless. I peeked in on her during class, and she was having a blast (which was good, because half of the kids were crying). I guess if anything, she will learn some balance, discipline, and fun. Recitals here we come!

Trip Continued

On our trip, we stayed at a resort called Boyne Mountain (also a ski resort). The place was perfect for the kids, because they had planned activities throughout the day, many pools to choose from, and a brand new playground right next to our room! I would take a shower and actually have some alone time, while hubby took the kids to the park. Then we could take a quick dip in the pool and still have enough time to make a quick lunch and put the kiddos to bed for a nap. It was perfect. And they did well the whole time. Much to my surprise, Katie hardly ever yelled (except for the beginning of the trip where we went to a nice sit down dinner and I had to drag a kicking tired child out of the restaurant), and Kyra didn't nag on her sister. We went bike riding through Petosky State Park (so beautiful, it made me want to camp - for a brief moment). And searched for rocks at the Park's beach. But perhaps their favorite part was riding up the ski lift and taking in the beautiful view. It was a free ride that the resort provided and the girls liked it so much we had to go a second time the following night (they said hi and waved to every passerby going the opposite way on the lift!) Kyra loved every minute of it, and kept asking through the weekend if we were still on bacation? We will definitely have to remember this bacation stop for next year!


Well, our trip was a great success. That's saying a lot for me, seeing as how the last two vacations we were on, were more exhausting than fun. After the last trip, I pretty much vowed not to take another vacation with the kids until they were all school aged! Okay, so they weren't that bad, but it was a bit of a challenge following a toddler around that gets into everything. The thing I discovered vacationing with just your own family, (fun as it may be to visit with extended family) is that you feel more relaxed when things don't go as planned. You don't have to worry trying to please everyone. If your toddler screams for an hour straight, you don't have to wonder what other people think of your parenting skills (granted you probably shouldn't be worrying about what other people think anyway, but it happens). And best of all, you get to have quality time with your husband who works so hard during the week, you begin to think you are strangers living in the same house. In general, you become more relaxed. And that was what our trip was. It was very relaxing. We took many wrong turns trying to find certain places, but who cared, we were on our own agenda and no one elses. It was a short trip, but because it was so great, I feel like we got a week of relaxation. Life is good.