Headlines: A couple leaves a family member outside all night long, because of a miscommunication. Do you...

A. Shake your head at the stupidity of some people out there?
B. Call the authorities to have them taken away?
C. Put them in the barn all night long and see how they like it?

Well, hopefully you just picked A., because we are that family. Of course, before you get on the phone to call the police to report neglect, let me tell you it was our dog (of course maybe now you'll call PETA!).

I still can't believe what happened. Rudy, our beloved dog of 6 years loves to run around outside as long as you are with him. So, pretty much if we come inside, he will immediately bark to let you know that he wants in too. Last night, my hubby was working on tearing down a barn, while the dog ran around aimlessly chasing lights, noises in the brush, and who knows what. All of a sudden the rain started to pour down, so they quickly ran into the nearest barn until the rain subsided. Evidently, when the rain stopped and the hubs closed the barn door to come inside, he assumed that Rudy followed him. Apparently not.

I, of course, assumed that the hubs had put Rudy in his kennel, for he was probably covered in mud. I could have asked my husband if this were so, but we were both really tired, and by the time I thought to ask, he was already in bed. Needless, to say as my husband was headed out the door for work at 6AM this morning, he came in the bedroom to give me a kiss goodbye and asked if I put Rudy in his kennel last night (evidently he wondered when he wasn't greeted by a slobbery doggy kiss this morning). I jumped out of bed and said "What do you mean? I thought you put him in his kennel last night?" I quickly threw on my sweats and grabbed a flashlight, thinking only of the worst scenerios. I knew he didn't run away, because he is like velcro in that he always sticks by your side. Fortunately, as soon as I run outside, Rudy came running to the door. The hubs ran down the details of the previous night, and added that he remembered Rudy might be in the barn. And that he was.

Now, Rudy is safe and sound sleeping on his favorite couch. After an early morning bath, he is as good as new. I am only thankful that the worst didn't happen, and that dogs are hopelessly forgiving. He was safe in a sheltered building (although I don't want to think of the barn mice scurrying around in there - thank goodness for up to date shots and pills), and it didn't get too cold last night. I guess, from now on we will be not only checking to see if there girls are sleeping soundly in their bed, but the dog too.


Short Stop said...

Poor Rudy! I bet he is just loving being inside with you today...all snuggled up on his favorite couch! :)

Earen said...

Cute dog! My dog will jump up & claw on our glass door until we let her in...it drives me nuts! What's up with a dog that doesn't want to be outside? It's a good thing I still love her!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

No offense to the dog, but I am glad it was "just the dog" :) Hope he is warm and toasty now!

Sarah said...

When I first started reading, I though maybe Kevin got left outside - and I kind of giggled about it - hee hee. (:

Good to hear that the Ruders survived his "ordeal" and I'm sure he's not too worse for the wear!

Andrea said...

Hi Sarah,
It has been so much fun reading your blog and seeing pictures of your girls. How adorable! You sound like an awesome mommy.

It has been forever since we have seen you. Boy did we have fun with Rudy and the flashlight way back when. Hopefully sometime we will make it up that direction. If so, we will have to get together.

Tell Kevin we say hi!

Andrea and family

Kris said...

Whoops! Rudy Booty! What a cute pic of him!