Trip Continued

On our trip, we stayed at a resort called Boyne Mountain (also a ski resort). The place was perfect for the kids, because they had planned activities throughout the day, many pools to choose from, and a brand new playground right next to our room! I would take a shower and actually have some alone time, while hubby took the kids to the park. Then we could take a quick dip in the pool and still have enough time to make a quick lunch and put the kiddos to bed for a nap. It was perfect. And they did well the whole time. Much to my surprise, Katie hardly ever yelled (except for the beginning of the trip where we went to a nice sit down dinner and I had to drag a kicking tired child out of the restaurant), and Kyra didn't nag on her sister. We went bike riding through Petosky State Park (so beautiful, it made me want to camp - for a brief moment). And searched for rocks at the Park's beach. But perhaps their favorite part was riding up the ski lift and taking in the beautiful view. It was a free ride that the resort provided and the girls liked it so much we had to go a second time the following night (they said hi and waved to every passerby going the opposite way on the lift!) Kyra loved every minute of it, and kept asking through the weekend if we were still on bacation? We will definitely have to remember this bacation stop for next year!


Short Stop said...

This sounds like an amazing vacation. The pictures are beautiful! :)

Kris said...

Love the pic of the two girls. A rare moment I'm sure!

trevsmom said...

Bacation...I love it. Yes, relaxation is so should be a requirement of every if we could just get the children to understand that one!