Tiny Talk Tuesday

Those kiddo's are always saying things to make us laugh (life would be so dull without them). If you'd like to look at some other cute kid talk, take a look at http://notbefore7.blogspot.com/2007/09/tiny-talk-tuesday_25.html.
Here's a look at our kids:
While at the grocery store:
Me: (I was waiting momentarily, quietly for a women to finish picking out her cereal before squeezing past her in an isle that was too tight to pass)
Kyra: SCUSE us lady, we need to get through!!
(yes, those manners are working well)
While in the car:
Kyra: Mom, can I look at this book?
Me: Sure Babe. (of course I really wasn't paying attention to what she was looking at until, I peered out the rearview mirror and found her with an atlas)
Kyra: I found Michigan!
Me: That's great babe. (Of course I figured she was pointing to Maine, Indiana, or Hawaii).
Kyra: I found Grand Rabbits!
Me: (of course I couldn't see what she was pointing too, while I was driving, but the Grand Rabbits made me laugh)

PS: after I got out of the car, to my surprise she had found Michigan and was pointing directly
to Grand Rapids! Wow, I never even told her about Grand Rapids, her daddy must be
working with her. What a memory!
While at lunch:
Me: Katie, eat your lunch. You've hardly eaten anything! Just take a bite of your sandwich.
Katie: NO! (as she launches her pb&j into my face)
Me: (I had to try so hard not to laugh. For some reason jelly dripping down my face at that moment was
very humorous. Perhaps dealing with this strong willed child is setting me off the deep end)


Renee said...

Good morning!
Thanks for the encouragement on my blog yesterday. I'm glad you stopped by, because now I can enjoy your blog as well!

It's so funny...I don't read too many blogs, but I've run into several ladies from MI. We've got a strong representation!

I love your blog...I love reading your genuine, real entries. It's fun to read about your days, and your thoughts. And, just to tell you...I'm not 'well versed' in the Bible either. I actually haven't been a Christian very long, and my knowledge is just starting to grow. I just write about what is on my heart, or spirit.

Anyway...sorry for the rambling. Have a great day in 'Grand Rabbits'!

MorningSong said...

So funny!! How old is your daughter?? LOVE the Grand Rabbits!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Grand Rabbits is AWESOME! I love your sense of humor about the sandwich...without humor, what would you do with that, ya know?

Great stories!

Amy said...

That's one smart child! It's great that you are patient enough to be able to laugh when your child throws food in your face. Too funny.

onemotherslove said...

HA! I love Grand Rabbits! Guess I need to learn to laugh as I wipe the PB off my face, too...

Ami said...

That grocery store quote is my favorite! That is too funny!

Kris said...

This kiddos just make we want to visit "grand rabbits!"

emilymcd said...

This PB&J story had me laughing out loud. I told my husband and we got a good chuckle.

Please know that you are NOT alone. :)

Earen said...

I can relate to you on strong willed children...I'm convinced that both my 1st & 2nd are strong willed! Sometimes it comes with its challenges & then I remember that I was a first born as well & they are probably acting like their mom did! HA! Kids are so cute in what they say & do. I can definitely say that I've had my fair share of food on me too!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about wishing you could have someone like me in your Bible Study. That just made my day!!