You know your daughter's a redneck if....

most little girls her age are rollplaying with dolls, having tea parties, and dressing up in princess costumes, but.....

you find YOUR daughter in her bedroom with a playknife, sawing her stuffed animal bunny's ear!

Mom: Kyra, what are you doing?
Kyra: I'm cutting up deer meat!
Mom: Oh really, is your bunny the deer?
Kyra: Yah!
Mom: Where did you get the deer?
Kyra: From Costco
Mom: (of course)
(she then proceeded to put the stuffed animal on the dinner table for dinner! I guess she's been hanging out with Daddy a little too much)

A Good Friend in a Messy Home

Immediately following my trip to Georgia, a good friend of mine (and old roomate) was coming to visit from California (literally a few hours after I arrived home). I had little time to clean before her arrival, and therefore for the first time ever, didn't clean at ALL. Now for any of you who know me, I usually get all anxious about cleaning before any guest arrives, and want everything to be just so (the grocery shopping done, laundry put away, menu planned for the week, etc). My husband just loves the day before company, because I am a woman on a mission, running every which way, while barking out orders (well, hopefully I'm not that bad :)Anyway, I took a deep breath and realized that there just wasn't enough time to get it done, and after all this is someone I lived with for over a year, and frankly I knew she wouldn't care.

Wow, it was such a relief to not have to rush around and clean! None of that precompany anxiety to get everything done. And we had a great time! Can that be? You can have a great time without a clean house? Who knew?

We really did have a great time though (well I did anyway). I was unsure of all the things we would do over that week, and how I would entertain her, but in the end it all worked out. We spent much of the first night catching up, while snuggled on the couch. The next day she helped me grocery shop and make brunch bake for the following day's holiday get together (we had 9 woman and 11 children get together and attempt to do a craft -that didn't go so well). Thursday, we searched the adds to figure out our shopping strategies. Friday, we got up early to shop (my husband got up at 3:30am! if you can believe it). Then finally we had another get together with friends, who chatted over several games of speed UNO. Our time together was very simple, nothing extravagant planned, but it was wonderful. I was truly blessed by her company, and was reminded how much I miss having her live close by. Perhaps the best gift she gave me was the gift in playing with my girls. She was wonderful with them and they loved her. She will be a wonderful mother someday (and a very creative one at that). My kids will miss her (during dinner time at the inlaws house on Sunday, Kyra said she wished Rebo was here). And I will miss her too. Good friends are hard to come by, especially in a messy home!

What a Wedding!

My cousin was married this past weekend, and everything was simply wonderful. She was married in an amazing home, with fabulous food. She looked gorgeous, and from first time acquaintances - seemed to marry a great guy (with a good sense of humor). I am very thankful that my husband was gracious enough to watch the kids while I got to get away and take part of this joyous occasion.

The house they were married at seemed to be the main point of conversation. It was a gated community with a backyard view of a lake. The house was absolutely gigantic! I think there were 4 fireplaces, 9 bathrooms, pool, walk in wine cellar, and more. It was the biggest house (no mansion) that I have ever been in.

And to boot, the owners of the house had never even met my cousin, but were asked by their pastor if they would open up their home for this wedding. She agreed, met my cousin and her husband, fell in love with them, and the planning began. They were very hospitable people and gave all the glory to God.

I am sure that my cousin will cherish this special day forever, and it was great to be a part of that special day.


So much to blog about, so little time....

It has been awhile since I blogged, but that time has been very blessed. I have a feeling my posts are going to become even more vast with the holidays in full gear. However, I want to write about my trip to Georgia.

As I drove home alone, with nothing but time to reflect on my wonderful weekend full of good conversation with family, I tried to think of one word that would sum up my trip.....belonging.

I have spent a lot of time these past few months thinking of who I am, who God wants me to be, what church do I belong to, where do I fit in my role on this earth? Where do I belong? We all want a sense of belonging. We want a group of friends who love us for who we are (even if we aren't sure who that really is from time to time). We want a sense of community. And in turn, we feel stronger to do the things God calls us to do. We all need to be loved. And that's what I felt this past weekend, loved. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and my brother. I heard the wonderful things that were happening in their lives, and in return they listened to the happenings of my life. I got to know a few relatives better, because of the time we had. But perhaps the most impact I had, was seeing my Grandparents. They are becoming quite a bit weaker, and it may even be the last time I see them. But I had the opportunity of listening to a joyous snicker from my Grandpa, and see my Grandma gently grasp the hand of her husband. My Grandfather may not have even recognized me, but the way he hugged me with what seemed to be all the strength he had in those frail arms, gave me a sense of belonging. He loved me, he loves his family. And that love has carried down in generations. I do have a sense of belonging. I am loved by my family, and I belong to them. But most of all, I belong to my Heavenly Father, and that is evident through the love that my family shows each other.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here's a few of the funnies my little one's said this week:

While looking out the car window:
Kyra: (pointing at several houses, and objects) Mom, I'm disappointed.
Mom: What are you disappointed about?
Kyra: Look, I'm disappointed again! (sounding almost happy about it)
Mom: Kyra, do you know what disappointed means?
Kyra: Yes, and I'm going to do it again...see I'm disappointed!
Mom: Kyra, disappointed means you are said about something, like you are disappointed when someone doesn't share with you.
Kyra: (pauses, as if she is taking it in) MOOOM, no I'm dis a pointin.
(I guess she's just a pointing)

While playing in the basement:
Kyra: I just got off the phone with santa.
Mom: Oh really, what were you talking about?
Kyra: I was telling him I wanted him to send money to daddy for Christmas.
Mom: Why would you ask santa for money?
Kyra: Because daddy never has money.
Mom: Babe, daddy has money. Why would you ask for money?
Kyra: Then why do you and daddy say you don't have enough money when I ask for a polly pocket? If santa gives daddy money, than I can have lots of polly pockets!
(well, she's got me there)

If you'd like to read more, go to Mary's @

Flying the Coop!

Well, I leave today to go to my cousin's wedding sans kiddos! That's right, another weekend without the kids. However, this time it's without my hubby too. I am meeting up with my immediate family in Chicago (with the exception of my sister -wish you were coming Aub, and we are all taking a flight to Georgia. Now, being the procrastinator that I am, I still have a lot to do (pack, give the girls baths, make a to do list for my hubby :), so I probably won't get really excited until I hit the road. But this will be fun! Granted, it is going to be a packed weekend, seeing relatives from both sides of the family in a short weekend, but some of them I haven't seen in two years, so it will be a good reunion. And the best part is, that I will have the opportunity to really talk, without a 3 or 1 year old tagging me every 2 minutes.

Now, I certainly will miss the little urchins, but I think they will really enjoy the one on one time with their daddy. This will be his first time watching them for more than the day, but I have no doubt he will have everything under control (or rather maybe things won't be under control all the time, but they'll have fun!). So for now, I leave with anticipation for the weekend ahead, and I know I will come home looking forward to hearing a bunch of stories from my girls and hubby on their weekend.

We Aren't Losers!

Today we visited a new church that met at an elementary school. We have been church "shopping" for a few months now, and it is starting to wear on us. While, I feel it is a good time to search for a church (before the kids are too established in education classes and have developed friendships), it is hard to leave the familiar people we know and not have a place to call home (especially during the upcoming holiday season). Anyway, after visiting around 6 churches, and not feeling like any of them were a good fit, I asked my hubby to humor me for one more Sunday, and then we would attend our regular church for the advent season.

We had a wonderful experience. I was invited by one of the people in my bible study, so she of course found me and introduced us to several people, but so many others welcomed us too. It was a very friendly church. But on top of that, the Pastor was amazing! He had such an incredible sermon, that really hit home (and such a great sense of humor too).

The pastor asked how many of us defines our Christian walk as being inadequate? Sad to say, but he said most of the Christians I know would define themselves as insufficient. Either, we have a terrible prayer life, don't read the Bible often enough, or aren't confident enough in our ability to spread the gospel. We need to stop focusing on our deficiencies and focus on God's sufficiency! Afterall, when spreading the gospel, we aren't being put to a test if we fail to bring a person to Christ, it is a GOD thing. He is the one that plants the seed, we are just there to feed it. God picked insufficient people in a sense to do His work. There is no failing for us, (we aren't losers -the pastor said!) we can only feed the fire.

Now this may be an obvious lesson for some, but it was a great reminder to my husband and I. We both felt so rejuvinated by it. We aren't sure if this will be the church for us or not (still a lot of praying to do), but we definitely felt God's spirit there and enjoyed the fellowship.

Back in the Blogging World

Yeah!! We got our computer back! We are fortunate enough to have a friend that fixed our computer (thank you R- you are a life saver), and really quickly too. I thought it would take longer, but he had it back to us in no time. Anyway, it does and doesn't feel good to have it back. I was all geeked to have it hooked up again, check out our on line banking, look at the piling up emails we had, and of course see what all my fellow bloggers were up to. I was beginning to feel caught up and more updated on the life outside of our little abode, when my 19 month old began tugging at my shirt for me to play with her. I looked at those beautiful big blue eyes of hers and realized how much fun I have been having with her and her sister these past few days. I really missed the computer for the first couple days, but that began to wear off and I truly began to have TONS of fun with the kids. We played chutes and ladders, tag, race around the house, catch with the dog, and more. Please know that while we did have the computer, I DID play with my kids (I didn't ignore them -okay, at least not most of the time), but I didn't seem to enjoy them as much (like an underlying thought that I had to get back to the computer). It's like you've found a new refreshing joy. Taking one thing out of my life, was just enough to give me a new take on life this week (although it could have been the fact that everyone was healthy too). So, I guess for now, I would like to focus less on the computer (something I know so many of us have said so many times), and more on life. Of course I'm not quiting blogging, because I just enjoy it too much, but a little cutting back is a good thing.

No Computer

Well, I am here writing at the library in lament of our computer! Yes, our computer (internet rather) has died on us, and I am sadly mourning over it. Isn't that sad? I got so used to blogging and checking on other people's blogs, that I am at the library just to check up. I won't be doing this too often (especially because it is quite hard to blog at the library with 2 children wanting to do anything but sit next to the computer while I type! Can't blame them either.) So while it will be a challenge not writing for awhile, reading other people's blogs, commenting on other people's blogs, etc. It is a good time to go back to the simpler life before computers. I can truly enjoy my time with my kids, husband, maybe even scrapbooking (okay maybe too ambitious) without the tug to be at the computer! I don't know how long we will be without the computer, but it will be a good rest. So long, for a couple of weeks, maybe I'll lurking around.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here are a few of the things Kyra said this week that made us laugh...if you want to read some other cute sayings click here

Right before eating her green beans at dinner time:
Kyra: It is great to be alive!
(yes dear, it is. Are you afraid you won't be after the veggies?)

In the car with daddy:
Kyra: Daddy, that looks like the most giant flashlight I've ever seen!
(yes, that would be a water tower, but good observation)

In Mom's bedroom, while Mom was getting dressed:
Kyra: Mommy are you all pj'd?
Mom: No, Kyra, I'm just getting dressed.
Kyra: Are those your underpants?
Mom: Yes, Kyra.
Kyra: What's that again?
Mom: That would be my br*(wondering how far this conversation is going to go)
Kyra: When I grow up I am going to get some of those for my birthday (while pointing at my b**bs! Yes, I'm sure one day you will get those Kyra, but it probably won't be over night on your bday!)

Sick or Treat

How do you your tell your child that she can't go trick or treating after weeks of costume prep and reminiscing of the year before? Yes, Kyra was very much looking forward to trick or treating with her friend this year, but we found out she had pink eye. She didn't look that bad on Monday, but by Wednesday, she looked miserable and the pink eye moved to her other eye. We had hoped for eye drops earlier in the week, but apparently doctor's office doesn't prescribe that very much unless absolutely needed (apparently warm compresses are enough). Unfortunately, she had bacterial pink eye and needed the drops. I asked the nurse, but what about trick or treating (not wanting to disappoint my daughter, like I was punishing her because she was sick)? But the nurse said, as long as she was holding her bag, and not touching people, she should be okay. We literally had not made a decision of whether or not to go out, until 5 minutes before we headed out the door. Maybe it wasn't the wisest parental decision, but I didn't want to disappoint the kiddo. So, we hit a few houses, and wouldn't you believe it, it rained the entire time we were out! So, maybe that won't be the most memorable Halloween ever (or maybe it will be), but we went. Afterall, Katie enjoyed every moment, and shook her bag after every house. How quickly they learn. She pleaded with me to go to another house, by saying "peas" and pointing to the next house, but we headed home. Kyra pretty much was a zombie by the time we got home (which is what she probably should have been for Halloween anyway, since she looked more like that than an M&M). Maybe she could have been a raccoon! Anyway, she hit the sack as soon as we came back in and fortunately she looks much better today. My treat will just be having the kids get better!