Back in the Blogging World

Yeah!! We got our computer back! We are fortunate enough to have a friend that fixed our computer (thank you R- you are a life saver), and really quickly too. I thought it would take longer, but he had it back to us in no time. Anyway, it does and doesn't feel good to have it back. I was all geeked to have it hooked up again, check out our on line banking, look at the piling up emails we had, and of course see what all my fellow bloggers were up to. I was beginning to feel caught up and more updated on the life outside of our little abode, when my 19 month old began tugging at my shirt for me to play with her. I looked at those beautiful big blue eyes of hers and realized how much fun I have been having with her and her sister these past few days. I really missed the computer for the first couple days, but that began to wear off and I truly began to have TONS of fun with the kids. We played chutes and ladders, tag, race around the house, catch with the dog, and more. Please know that while we did have the computer, I DID play with my kids (I didn't ignore them -okay, at least not most of the time), but I didn't seem to enjoy them as much (like an underlying thought that I had to get back to the computer). It's like you've found a new refreshing joy. Taking one thing out of my life, was just enough to give me a new take on life this week (although it could have been the fact that everyone was healthy too). So, I guess for now, I would like to focus less on the computer (something I know so many of us have said so many times), and more on life. Of course I'm not quiting blogging, because I just enjoy it too much, but a little cutting back is a good thing.


emilymcd said...

*sigh* I hear you, girl! It's easy to get lost in computer land. Good for you for setting your priorities straight.

Aren't computers great, though?

Kris said...

Good for you, for noticing when it's time to place a little balance between their play and our play! Good to have you back!