Tiny Talk Tuesday

We just went to Chicago for the weekend to visit my parents. However, for the first time the girls went downtown to experience the city life. I'd have to say their favorite part was the train. Katie was absolutely enamored with it. They loved listening to the conductor list off the stops and counted down the stations before we met our arrival. It was so fun to see them enjoy a new experience. And Katie said some very funny things. Unfortunately, I didn't have any paper with me and forgot most of them (with the exception of one).

While sitting on Grandma's lap, she piered out then window enjoying the sites of the city. Suddenly she looked around the train and asked Grandma, "Who's driving the train?" I love it. And am noticing how observent she can be. I only wish I could share some pictures.

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Missing Computer Connection

This past week, our computer finally died. I tried days for days to restore the hard drive, but seeing as though I am not that computer savvy, my attempts were futal. At first I thought, maybe I could just live with out a computer (after all there are plenty of days where I become too dependant on it anyway, and could be spending my time more wisely). And it has been good for me too, because this past week I have been finding a lot more outdoorsy things to do with my time, not to mention probably spending better quality time with my kids. But I think I was just fooling myself thinking I could deal without a computer at all. After all with banking online, and friends communicating now adays through nothing but internet connections, I think I am going to have to get a new computer. The question now is what kind? There are so many different brands, speeds, etc. And then I'm not sure if I should attempt to get a laptop or not. I would love a laptop, but am not sure that would be the wisest choice with kids who love to play on the computer. When we do get a new computer I am just going to have to remember not to get in the rut again of spending too much time on it.

So, I guess I have some research to do. For now, I am just at the library, thankful that there are other places to connect with the techy world. And also thankful that we have a library so close by with lots of toys and books located right next to all the computers (so I can keep a close eye on my kiddos).