Missing Computer Connection

This past week, our computer finally died. I tried days for days to restore the hard drive, but seeing as though I am not that computer savvy, my attempts were futal. At first I thought, maybe I could just live with out a computer (after all there are plenty of days where I become too dependant on it anyway, and could be spending my time more wisely). And it has been good for me too, because this past week I have been finding a lot more outdoorsy things to do with my time, not to mention probably spending better quality time with my kids. But I think I was just fooling myself thinking I could deal without a computer at all. After all with banking online, and friends communicating now adays through nothing but internet connections, I think I am going to have to get a new computer. The question now is what kind? There are so many different brands, speeds, etc. And then I'm not sure if I should attempt to get a laptop or not. I would love a laptop, but am not sure that would be the wisest choice with kids who love to play on the computer. When we do get a new computer I am just going to have to remember not to get in the rut again of spending too much time on it.

So, I guess I have some research to do. For now, I am just at the library, thankful that there are other places to connect with the techy world. And also thankful that we have a library so close by with lots of toys and books located right next to all the computers (so I can keep a close eye on my kiddos).


Rebecca said...

Bummer!! But that computer of yours sure had a good run, it was probably just tired.
I love my laptop! Portability was a must for me with school, but I'm finding it's convenient for a lot of other reasons too, like being able to read blogs during The Amazing Race commercials. :)
Even a year ago when I got mine, all the laptops came with web cams and built-in wireless access, too, which I'm using a lot.
Good luck deciding!!

Dave and Jenni said...

We got a laptop a few years back and it's the only way I can blog with 3 kids around! Glad you're enjoying your extra time, though. I know how it feels when you get away from it for a little bit. I kept thinking, "There you are 'free-time!'"