A prodigy in the making?

While in college, there was a group called Dance Guild that I joined. I wasn't involved in any choir, sport, or band so I figured I should get involved in something. So, as a freshman I joined the Dance Guild primarily because no prior experience of dance was needed. To my surprise I loved it, and remained in the club all 4 years. I learned how to tap, do some liturgical dancing, even a little swingdancing. It was fun and exciting. Of course in 4 years you only learn so much, but it was still exhilerating and I found myself wishing I had entered into a career of dancing at an earlier age (of course that is only hindsight, because I know I did ballet in kindergarten and told my mom that year was the last year - so she did try).

So maybe I never became a white swan, but there is hope for one of my daughters right? Duhn, duhn, duhn. Maybe I can live vicariously through Kyra! Could she be the next dancing prodigy? Okay, well maybe not. But crazy as it is, at 3 years old I spontaneously decided to put her in dance lessons. I teeter tottered over putting her in and all, thinking maybe she is too young to be spending what I consider a substantial amount of money, but what if....? What if she loves it, and does well? Is that too foolish? Anyway, despite my wishy washy feelings, I decided to go for it. And the look on her face after she got her first pair of ballet slippers tonight was priceless. I peeked in on her during class, and she was having a blast (which was good, because half of the kids were crying). I guess if anything, she will learn some balance, discipline, and fun. Recitals here we come!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh that is so sweet! What is it with girls and ballet slippers? We took the plunge and put our 4 and 3 year old in dance this year. The 4 year old has dabbled in a few rec classes, but this is the official "dance school". Oh, they flitter about like ballerinas all day long. Isn't it sweet?

I hope she continues to like it. Even if she moves on, they say that ballet is good for any type of athlete - flexibility, balance and control!

emilymcd said...

You know-- I was never comfortable with my body growing up. I didn't know how to "move" it. I think teaching children dance at a young age teaches them to enjoy the movement they have. Also, I've always noticed how ballerinas have such poise!

Good job, momma!

Short Stop said...

How fun! I'm sure she'll love it more and more! :)

My sister and I took ballet for many years when we were growing up. I was so small, and not very good at it, and she was long and lean and danced beautifully. BUT, I loved every minute of it, and so did she. It was a tremendous sacrifice for my parents, but we still look back with such fondness on our ballet lessons! :)

Kris said...

How fun!