Note to Self

When you think you have put something far enough out of reach on the counter so your toddler can't reach's not far enough. Yes, she has started to scale kitchen and desktop countertops (climbing up the fronts of drawers and cabinet doors). Oy vay!


Short Stop said...

Boy, we are definitely learning this lesson. I can't believe some of the things Jack brings to us. We just look at each other and think "How on earth did he get to that?" :)

Kris said...

Oh dear...Can't wait to hear more of these stories! Nothing like a climber to make life interesting!

Sarah Markley said...

I'm not sure how I found you...probably through several blogs - but I so relate! The 19 month old found a red wide-tipped sharpie last week right before church. Yuck! Too funny. Hope you don't mind if I keep stopping by! Sarah