Old Wives Tales

Well, apparently if I take the "binki" away from my daughter, she'll just find something else to put in her mouth, because that's what she did today. Yes, my daughter opened a forbidden drawer (we have many of those in our house - most of them now being locked, but for goodness sakes, I can't lock them ALL!), and found my husband's chewing gum. I politely told Katie to put it back and shut the drawer (a sensible mom would have just taken it away, but oh no - I like to trust the 1 1/2 year to be responsible on her own). Anyway, I walked away for a moment and came back to the kitchen to find that she had opened the pack of gum and had not chewed, but eaten 2/3rds of the package! AHH...7 years in her stomach, oh no! Surely she won't die, as the old wives tales go, from swallowing the package of gum (just kidding, come on give me more credit then that!).

Anyway, I highly doubted that the gum would rot in her stomach for that amount of time. For goodness sakes, even I know how strong the acids in our stomachs are, however I thought I would check the internet just to be sure. To my reassurance, there were many websites to assure me that my daughter would make it out okay. One website even said that it was safer to swallow gum then it was to chew gum. Anyway, here is a website to peruse, just for your delight.: http://www.snopes.com/oldwives/chewgum.asp

Now, back to keeping my daughter out of drawers. Do I have to put a padlock on everything? I'm running out of shelf space. Or better question yet, am I going to have to moniter Katie's diaper tonight for bottom bubbles?


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Earen said...

Ok, as I'm sure it wasn't necessarily humorous to you, I honestly have to say I was laughing out loud...especially at your bottom bubbles comment!

Dave and Jenni said...

That is hilarious! Maybe it wasn't at the time for you, so pardon me for laughing at your pain ! :) Reminds me of the time my husband's family dog at some tinsel and didn't quite get the job done on the "way out." She ran around the living room with tinsel hanging out of her backside until someone caught her and took care of it.

Christy said...

that is hilarious!! I love your kids stories-- the bring out the reality of being a mom!! :)

Renee said...

This was a funny post. I like that you looked up chewing gum online (I used to think it was in my stomach for 7 years too....too funny!)

How were the bottom bubbles?