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I am new to the Works for Me Wednesdays (and question addition at that), but I had a question today anyway, so I thought why not go for it.

This month we have been searching for preschools for my daughter who will be 4 in the fall. What came as a big surprise to me was that open enrollment began already for some of the area schools and are already filled up. Apparently I am not as on the ball as I thought I was (figuring that searching in January would leave me plenty of time). Now we had been wondering what would be best for our little girl - christian school, homeschooling, or public school. We have a fairly good public school system, but it would be nice to have the added benefits of a Christian education (but then there is the cost issue - wow, expensive). I am all for homeschooling, but honestly think I would go bananas trying to teach a 4 year old while the 2 year old is running around the house causing destruction. So, I guess my question is what are some of your (bloggy mommy's) views on Christian verses public education?

I guess when it comes down to it, we simply have to pray that we make the right decision. And I know if we picked the wrong school, it's not like we couldn't pull her out, or even that she would be scared for life for not having the best preschool experience (are we being overprotective parents or what?).

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Someone Being Me said...

My son is only 11 months old but I am already leaning heavily toward a local Christian school. My suggestion is to talk to other parents. I already have people suggesting which schools are the best here and my son is still years away. You should also contact the schools about doing a tour, talking to them about their curriculum, etc.

Tooz said...

Something you might want to think about: Preschool education is really pretty important. Most folks don't think twice about borrowing money to pay tuition for their child's college education, but if a child gets a good start in preschool and elementary school, he/she may be smart enough by the time college rolls around to go on scholarship!

Renee said...

This is the same question we're starting to think through right now. There are so many different things to consider and think through.

I will be praying for your decision!

Milehimama said...

The key is to not let the 2 year old run around causing destruction!

I really, really like the Montessori philosophy and you can do it with age 2-12. It really encourages self-control and independence, and respect for the child. You might look into something like that.

If it is at all possible, go with a Christian education! The very fundamentals of their worldview is being formed right now. It is so important not to harden their tender little hearts!

emilymcd said...

Join the club of schooling decision. Here's my take:
There's not one type of schooling that will "make" or "break" your child. The ultimate education comes from home.

That being said, I imagine it's important to look at your child's personality and determine what environment would help them thrive the most.

I grew up going to private school, public school and homeschool. There are positives and negatives of all; as I see it- there isn't one "right" answer all the time. See if you agree with the curriculum and the way the teachers handle issues that are most important to you.

My husband and I may send our daughter to public school for the first years and then to private school. May God give you wisdom and peace.

Kristen said...

Our daughter has been in our public school from preschool to 1st grade (currently). My husband is a local pastor and while Christian school can be a fine option, we decided that we would rather be a Christian influence in the public schools. I have had a wonderful time volunteering in the classroom and being very hands-on with my daughter even in public school. Three new families now attend our church as a result of relationships we have made.

As far a "Christian education" goes, we teach and practice Christian values at home and at church. Attending public school doesn't mean that you neglect teaching your children about God.

I'm not necessarily for or against Christian, public or homeschooling. My strongest advice is to consider the motivation behind your decision.

Short Stop said...

In the same boat as you, my friend. Just not sure how I feel about it, what to think, or what we will do. I liked reading everyone's comments, so I'm so glad you posted this!

Dave and Jenni said...

It's so funny, I just had this conversation with some women in my small group Bible study! For me, I'm more concerned about a school's academic record than I am with Christian vs. public schools. I know that my kids will learn about Jesus at home and at church, and I think it's good for them to be challenged in their faith. I went to Catholic school my whole life (which should at least give some kind of Christian foundation), but it was more like going to public school from the things I witnessed and unfortunately sometimes joined in on. Thankfully, God doesn't let go no matter where you are or what you do. I do think, though, you should take the pressure off your shoulders and just pray about it. He will direct you!

Sarah said...

So many moms are struggling with this question. It's a very hot topic in our small group right now. I think you have to take all the factors into consideration - your family's financial resources, your child's personality, and the school systems you are considering. I tend to lean toward Christian school or homeschooling. There has been a study released (think it was Barna) that tracked students in the W. MI area. It found that students whose religious beliefs were reinforced in all three areas of their life - church, home, and school - were very likely to remain engaged in their religious community. If any one of those legs were missing, the numbers showed that kids were more likely to walk away from their faith. Wish I had more details on this, and can't find it on the Barna website anymore... Of course, Christian ed isn't a guarantee that your child will be a lifelong follower of Christ, and there is a lot to be said for presenting a Christian witness in the public system (especially when so many in your area share your religious faith). There are also great homeschooling resources out there. Are there other homeschooling moms at your church to talk with?

I'm glad I have a few more years to consider this question!