Tiny Talk Tuesday

Wow, this week Kyra had so many things that had us laughing so hard we practically fell out of our chairs. Of course wouldn't you believe it, I thought they were so memorable I didn't think I needed to write them down - apparently I was wrong. Anyway, here are a few I remembered:

While coloring:
Kyra: Mom, who created God?
Mom: Well, sweety, no one did. He has been there from the very beginning.
Kyra: But He has to have a Mommy.
(Aww...where do I even go on this one.)

While in the car:
Kyra: Mom, on Christmas Day, I forgot to tell Jesus - Happy Birthday!
(Oh, He knows babe, He knows)

While filling out a preschool application:
Mom: (the question on the app was, "what is your child's concept of God", hmm...maybe I'll just ask her) Kyra, who is God?
Kyra: (pauses, and then nonchalantly says) Nobody.
(Evidently she forgot who we pray to everyday, talk about at Sunday School, and learn about through song and books - not to mention her previous conversations about Him).

While getting PJ's on with Dad:
Dad: Here, Kyra, put these on.
Kyra: But Dad, they don't match.
Dad: Sure they do, they're both blue
Kyra: No, this one has white in it, and the other has stripes (then shakes her head). You're just not very good at this are you. Mom knows which ones match.
(2 minutes later, Kyra comes into the living room with her PJ's on, with the previous conversation unbeknownst to Mom).
Mom: Kyra, your PJ's don't match.
Dad: (rolls his eyes) Like mother, like daughter!

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Meg said...

Love the pj conversation!! We've had those conversations in our house. Dad always seems to find the unmatching pair (even though they are put together in the drawer). So funny!

Momma Roar said...

Oh, that pj thing would totally happen here too! :)

Amy said...

That PJ conversation is great! We could have that same esxact thing happen in our house! Also, I always think I'm going to remember the conversations to but if I don't write them down, forget it!

Dave and Jenni said...

I can totally relate to the pj thing. I can see the slight OCD tendancies being passed on to my Ruthie already. Heaven help me when she gets to be a teenager! :)

Foxy5 said...

Oh PJ's MUST match at all times. I can't stand it when my husband gets them ready for bed. Withour fail they do not match. I don't know how he does it. Too funny.

emilymcd said...

hahahaha... "Who is God? Nobody." How do we teach them that He is invisible and yet very visible in creation? Ah, teaching theology is so much fun.

And Daddys are funny, aren't they? My husband did an amazing job with Morgan while I was sick. It wasn't quite the getup I had planned for her to wear to church, but he was still a help. :) haha

Short Stop said...

HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud at that p.j.'s one! I can SO relate to this at our house, except I'm the only one who cares if they match! :)

Love these!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

He may be nobody in that conversation...but he needed a mommy! So cute!

Christy said...

i love these!!! they always make me laugh!! oh the fun of having a little one around!