Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here's a few of the cute conversations we've had with the kiddo's this past week:

While watching a grown up show:
(Kyra caught a snipit of a show I was watching, which just happened to have a scene where a man and woman french kissed).
Kyra: Moommmy! Look, they just kissed. They are married right?
Mom: No, they aren't married, they just really like each other.
Kyra: But then tomorrow they can get dressed up and get married right? (my sister was just in a wedding and was dressed up all beautifully. She now seems to think if you get dressed up and kiss a man, then butta bing butta boom, you're married).
Mom: Well...it's not that easy, they have to really be in love first.
Kyra: (moving on) Oh, that was called a chomp kiss right?
Mom: Why do you say that?
Kyra: Because they chomp up and down like this (and proceeds to chomp)
(okay, time to turn off this program)

While goofing around, some one passed gas:
(I had permission from my hubby for this one-I guess now you know who passed gas)
Kyra: Daddy, you are sooo stinky!
Dad: Who's the number one stinker?
Kyra: You are!
Dad: But who's the number 2 stinker (trying to get her to turn on her mother of course)
Kyra: You still are!
Dad: Really? Well then what's Mom?
Kyra: A scuba diver.
(We then proceeded to laugh. I had no idea what she meant by scuba diver, but at least she was loyal to her mama!)

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Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - my husband would love your second story! My girls like to refer to gas as their "bottom talking," so that every time they let one go they get this gleam in their eye and proudly announce "my bottom is talking!" And then you hear a quiet little "Excuse me."

Earen said...

Very cute! Love the new look too!

Rebecca said...

Cool! A new look! And cute kiddo stories too. :)

emilymcd said...

ahahahah... chomping kiss... that's so great.

Morgan wants to close her eyes and tilt her head to kiss us now that she's seen every princess video and kissing. We are DEFINITELY not encouraging that.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOVE the new look! Great job.

Cute stories. We had that issue when Ariel and Prince Eric kiss...ugh! "Why do they open their mouths mom?"