Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones in our house are talking this week, here are a few of our conversations:

While playing in the living room:
Kyra: (whinning) Katie, stop copying me!
Katie: Copin me!
Kyra: NO. Josh (her older cousin), doesn't like it when I copy him, so I don't like it either!
(Oh, a dose of her own medicine)

During prayer time:
Kyra: Can I pray?
Mom: Sure, just make sure you try to pray for things that are important to you (lately, she just says - Lord thank you for everything we needed, Amen).
Kyra: Okay. Dear Lord, thank you for the Lord. Thank you for everything we needed (so much for specifics). Help us to listen to each other, be patient, and precious to one another. Keep my Mom and Dad safe, and help them to not run away. Amen.
(awww...she did end up praying for specifics, and how precious was that prayer. Did we give her any indication we were running away though?)

While in the car:
Mom: Look Kyra, there's the mailman.
Kyra: No Mom, that's a mailperson.
(leave it to my daughter to correct her politically incorrect mother)

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Meg said...

So cute, sometimes our kiddos need that dose of medicine right back at em.

Lori said...

Those were cute!
OK get it right mom. It's a mailperson..not mailman. It's funny when they start correcting us.

annie said...

How cute!! That defintely brought a smile to my day! hope yours is going great!

onemotherslove said...

Funny & sweet!

Dave and Jenni said...

Love the quotes! Our little ones have just started praying spontaneously at bedtime, rather than having us lead them. I think they're confusing it with dinner prayer though because the first thing they say as they kneel down by their beds is "thank you for the food."

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Such a sweet prayer! I hope you all don't run away :)

I'm Tara. said...

Don't let them run away. LOL And how precious is that? Thanking the Lord for the Lord. Amen to that!!