Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones have been gabbing about in our household. Here are some of the things they've said:

During lunch:
Kyra: Do you know what a pirouweb is?
Mom: I think you mean pirouette, and yes it's a ballet move. Wow Kyra, that's a pretty big word, where did you learn about that?
Kyra: (very matter of fact) From Rudy.
(I know we have a smart dog, but I highly doubt he shared this info with our daughter!)

During prayer:
Katie: I'll pray.
Mom: Okay, go ahead, but today try and tell Jesus what you are thankful for (she usually only likes to say a recited prayer)
Katie: Okay. Dear Jesus, thank you for the day. I hope you are okay, and I hope you listen to God. Amen.

While playing with Andrew:
(Katie likes to get in her brother's face all the time...I mean in his face, and baby talk to him while kissing his hands, nose, and toes. It gets a little out of control and invasive, but I know she loves him. She has developed a couple names for him, that she uses over and over, where she comes up with them who knows, but it's kinda funny and sweet.)
Katie: Hey squishy boy, you smooshy squishy boy.
(she also calls him her snuggle boy, soo cute)

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Short Stop said...

I love, "Hey squishy boy, you smooshy squishy boy"!

That's awesome.

Oh, the nicknames the boys have for Lincoln - cracks us up! So, I know just what you speak of!

emilymcd said...

I love these, Sarah. Esp. the "I hope you listen to God" bit... It's interesting how their concept of the Trinity begins now!

Love it!


Jenni S. said...

Katie's prayer is precious. And I LOL'd at Rudy teaching Kyra about ballet.