Tiny Talk Tuesday

The girls are making me smile as usual, here are some of the cute things they said this week:

While in the car:
Kyra: What does that word spell? (ever since school started she's been enamored with words and sounding out everything. In the car she likes to look at all the signs. I just LOVE it!)
Mom: Well, it doesn't spell anything really, because it's an abbreviation. (we've already explained abbreviations to her)
Kyra: (She continues to point out many stores that have or are abbreviated) Mom, how come there are so many abbreviations?
Mom: I'm not sure, but there are certainly more than I realized were out there.
Kyra: We're just good abbreviation seekers!

While at the dinner table:
Katie: Mom, is this my right hand?
Mom: Yes, very good.
Katie: (she points to the other hand) And this is my middle hand right?
Mom: (trying not to laugh) Oh, Katie silly that's not your middle hand, you don't have a middle hand.
Katie: I was just kidding mom, I know it's my other right hand.
(we got some learnin to do!!)

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AnnG said...

My other right hand!! Too funny!! It takes awhile for these concepts to take hold!!