Tiny Talk Tuesday

I don't have any cute comments to share today, however I do have a couple pictures to share. Kyra has been in a coloring frenzy lately. And every time she amazes us with her detail and creativity. I just love looking at the images that compile in their little heads! Here they are:

Here she drew her friends in the car. There's even exhaust and the yellow lines on the road. I never knew she paid attention to that kind of detail.

Yesterday, she learned for the first time about astronauts. And based on this one day, she drew a rocket ship going to outer space and visiting all the planets. If you look closely, she even drew the details of Earth (blue and green for the land and water). And to the upper right of Earth is Saturn with it's rings. Call me a boastful mother, but I'm proud.

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emilymcd said...

Oh, I LOVE the drawing stage. I keep most of Morgan's drawings. I love the earth drawing! And the friends in the car... how cute!

Keep 'em coming!

Short Stop said...

You can boast about that little girl all day long. Her drawings are AWESOME for her age. What creativity!

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you - it was SO great to meet you. I was in such a daze that morning, so we'll have to meet up again when we're both not nursing sick little ones! :)

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow, Sarah, she's really good at drawing for her age! What sweet pictures to hold onto.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hey girl - hope you are doing well. These pictures are great - you'll be so glad they are scanned forever in the computer! What a creative gal!