Tiny Talk Tuesday

Okay, again I haven't been keeping up with the cute things my kids have been saying. I'm not sure if it is pregnancy brain (which has hit me like a typhoon this time), or if my kids simply aren't funny anymore (jk...clearly it's the prior reason). Anyway, Kyra said something that made me smile.

While playing a game:
Mom: Honey, can you play this game with Kyra now, I have to get dinner started.
Dad: Sure.
Kyra: Mom, why doesn't daddy ever make dinner?
Mom: Well, it's just part of mom's job. Plus he is tired after working hard all day.
Kyra: Don't you work hard all day?
(Go Kyra, she's got my back! And of course after that comment, wouldn't you know Daddy offered to make dinner!)

And of course, I have to share just one more of Kyra's work of arts...

The blue animal is Blue, from "Blue's Clues," along with a duck, pig, and a cow. My favorite however is the cow. Wow, she even made nice hooves, the rounded nose and udders too! What an artist!

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Dave and Jenni said...

Again, I'm so impressed with Kyra's drawing ability! Loved the story -- she really has your back!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh girlfriend...she really does have your back! Rock on!

Happy TTT!