Great Giveaways

It's hard to believe that Christmas is quickly approaching. Yet every year this procrastinating momma thinks she can get a head start, buy presents and have cards done early, so I can enjoy celebrating the real reason for the holiday. Well, I am going to attempt to try and get organized and do the same this year, but as I heard Christmas music playing today, I was reminded that I am already falling a little behind. I also saw that 5 Minutes for Mom is already hosting their month of 30 great giveaways.

So, potentionally, you could win some gifts to either giveway in time for Christmas, or keep as a little gift for yourself under the tree. In addition, they also have a program called Under the Tree, in which they give away the identical gift to a family in need. You can nominate a family, or read stories about giving to families who really need help.


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Hmmm... Maybe this is where I first heard about 5M4M? :) Looks like we were on the same wavelength yesterday.