Tiny Talk Tuesday

Kids say the darndest things. Here are a couple of the cute things Kyra has said as of late:

While in Kyra's bedroom:
Mom: Kyra this room is a mess. What happened?
Kyra: (with a big sigh) I know mom. Life happened.
(Where'd she get that phrase? Neither the hubs or I say that one.)

While praying at the dinner table:
Kyra: Dear God, thank you for the day. Please help all the people that are hurt and hungry and have hurt legs. Please help us not to have colds any more. Help us to not be sick in the winter, spring, or summer. And forgive us of our sins. Amen.
(We've been trying to tell them about the people in Haiti that need our prayers, but for some reason she is stuck on people with hurt legs. And I guess it's okay to be sick in the fall, cause she forgot that season!)

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LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

ha ha... love it! life happened here too, hence the mess!!

Kris said...

Too cute! I was thinking of the one from Christmas...I think it was Katie who opened something and was SO excited about it and then said, "what is it??" You have some hilarious little ones over there!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH - that prayer is precious! God knows what her heart means!

happy TTT! Hope you're getting sleep these days :)