New Beginnings

Well, tomorrow marks the day that Kyra begins school every day, all day . For some reason I didn't have a hard time letting her go for preschool or kindergarten. I was excited for her and knew that she'd do well. She's such a smart little cookie, and warms up easily to others, so I knew making friends wouldn't be a problem either. However, this year she is leaving her little sister behind. Her little sister, who over the summer, has become her best friend. Her little sister, who adores spending every waking moment with her. Yes, I know Kyra will be missed. But, for me it also marks an end to a 6 year era, where I was free to roam. I was free to take an extended weekend (or sometimes week) to Chicago. Free to sleep in (till 8 a.m. anyway), free to take a day trip where I pleased, and free to spend time with my son while the girls occupied eachother's time. Yes, feeling a little selfish, I realize that I will be a bit more tied down these days. But I know Kyra will enjoy her year at school, and I pray that the 3 of us will too...because she's not the only one with a new beginning.

This year I have decided to homeschool Katie. Again, it started out as a sort of selfish journey (I'm sensing a pattern here...hmmm). I wanted to save the money I would put into a preschool program, and put Katie and Kyra into dance or gymnastic class. Of course it evolved from there. I soon spoke to other homeschooling moms, and realized it was a very great bonding time between their children. I then became very excited to bond with Katie. I know everyone should know their children well, but out of all three of my kids, I feel I know Katie the least. She is very good at playing by herself, which is nice when I need to get things done, but unfortunately I can take advantage of that quality as well. I'm hoping that through the time we spend together I can learn much more of her strengths as a person. I'm hoping that we can begin to build a strong bond, so she doesn't feel afraid to come to me later in life when problems get tougher.

So, we will see how this journey goes. Katie is a strong willed child, who likes to do things her way and in her own time, so this could be a challenge, but I'm willing to go for the ride. I'm a bit nervous, as I'm not sure how well it work if Andrew doesn't take his scheduled nap. He's been a bit of a pill lately, so it could be a challenge just to keep him occupied while we work one on one (especially if I want our house still standing....did I mention he's been a bit destructive lately?). But, I'm sure in a few weeks we'll fall into a groove. So, we are all at a new beginning...Kyra, a new grade....Katie, preschool with mom...and me, a preschool teacher. Let's pray that kids and teachers everywhere have a wonderful year of growth, learning, and inspiration.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Sounds like a wonderful year in store for all of you! What a wonderful chance to be with Katie and get to know her! Surprisingly, at least in my house, i have less issues with "school" with my second child (the strong willed one). It is my compliant first born who fights me :)

Praise God for new beginnings in your house and praying His blessings over your year!

Rebecca said...

How exciting for all of you!! Sarah, I wish you all the best in your new adventure as a homeschool mom.

Sarah said...

Praying for all of you as you begin these new adventures. Can't wait to hear how Kyra does as a 1st grader and how you and Katie fare with homeschooling. You can do it!