Tiny Talk Tuesday

While serving breakfast at the table:
Kyra: Why are we having asparagus with eggs?
Mom: The two of them can go together. (preclaimer: the poor kid has to endure a lot of asparagus because it is currently growing in our garden, so we have it at least twice a week).
Kyra: No they don't. You always say food has to go together and these don't! Maybe they did way "back then," or in another country, but not here and not now! (Ahh, didn't realize she is picking up on my compulsive behavior to have complimentary food on the table.)

While driving in the car:
Katie: labla...tata..dadeda smarakatcha (and this went on for some time).
Mom: Katie what are you doing?
Katie: Well Andrew has his own little Spanish, so I'm making up my own absurd Spanish. (gotta love her!)

While finishing up at the dinner table:
Mom: Oh, hon...tell me Andrew didn't eat more than one cookie at church today (this boy is notorious for sneeking cookies after the church service!)
Andrew: COOKIEEEE!!! (and with that, he got down from the table, went to the pantry, and struggled to bring us the container. Andrew doesn't say a whole lot, but he knows the important words!)

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

mmmm, I could eat asparagus with eggs;) FUnny though I never thought they went together either. But fresh asparagus any time is a treat:)

kewkew said...

Never thought of putting asparagus with eggs, but maybe we should try it. I love broccoli in my scrambled eggs (with onion, red or green peppers and mushrooms).
Don't you love the way little ones pick up on the conversations you are having and always seem to pick out the word you probably wish they didn't "cookieee)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I LOVE asparagus - its my kids favorite!! Nice you grew your own! yum! I think it goes with eggs :)

Your kids are so big - love seeing the picture of the family :)