Serenity Now

My blogger friend Emily posted an entry inquiring what others do for serenity. I read it, and thought, boy I could use one of my top 5 choices after a day like today!

Yes, I woke up with a migraine (something I've been frequenting as of late), watched my daughter throw half of her breakfast on the floor, quick got everyone dressed and headed out the door to go to a craft sale with a friend (okay, not so quick, but I tried). We then got to the craft sale, where no strollers were allowed. You mean I had to carry this 19 month old and try to get her to not touch all the untouchables!! So, after numerous attempts of telling both of my children to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, they were both reaching the end of their rope. We then zoomed through the rest of the craft show, as to not miss anything really important, headed to the park, and then went for a late lunch (only to resort in lots of complaining and whining for holding off lunch too long). And of course I was awstrasized by my eldest for not getting the chicken fries, but the chicken nuggets instead. A crucial mistake. Finally, we headed to my friends house for some afternoon playtime, and some much needed rest while they played on their own. All was well, until we had to leave and I found my daughter in wet underpants (yes, she wet her pants), and 20 barrets in her hair (apparently they played dress up). She kicked and screamed all the way to the bathroom where I could have a "chat" with her, because she did not want to change out of her "pretty ballerina costume." Finally, home, I quick fed them a late dinner (7:30), popped them in the tub, and pushed them straight to bed (of course not with out arguing about the lack of a bedtime movie).! Oh, I forgot I had to make a cake for tomorrow's dinner at the in-laws. Back on my feet! is what I am going to do for much needed serenity!
1. M&M's
2. Slip into some comfy pjs
3. Snuggle on the couch in a warm blanket (nevermind that it is in the 70's today)
4. Light a candle
5. Get a back/hand massage from my husband


emilymcd said...

Oh, wow. What a HUGE day you had! You definitely needed all FIVE of those "serenity now" moments.

Sarah Markley said...

At my house we call them "happy pants" because you are happy when you wear them. I can totally relate to the wet leotard =)

Short Stop said...

M & M's and P.J.'s...YEAH!! I"m so with you on those!

Renee said...

So how did your serenity time turn out?

Sounds like a crazy day...I hope you were able to use some of your great (relaxing) ideas!!