Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones are talking this week and here's what they've been saying....
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At the mall play area:
Mom: Go have fun guys! Let me see you go down the slide.
(they race down the slide, then Katie (18 mo) hides behind a tree)
Kyra (3): Where did Katie go?
Mom: She is hiding behind the tree.
Kyra: Phew! Good thing you know where she is. I am trying to keep an eye on her so a stranger won't get her. I would be sad if my sister where gone. We don't want a pirate, or a grumpy to get her.
(Awww...how sweet that she is looking out for her sister. I wouldn't want a pirate to get either of them.)
In the car, on the way home from a park:
Kyra: Mom, is God happy when I say that?
Mom: Say what?
Kyra: What I said?
Mom: (fearing I am not going to get any where on this one in what she said, I moved on) Kyra, God loves
you know matter what you say. He loves you all the time. But he smiles extra big when you obey Mommy and Daddy, share with your sister, or do kind things.
Kyra: (pensive in thought for a minute) I understand God better when I listen to Him.
Daddy: (Wow, what a big thought) Is God talking to you right now?
Kyra: NO, silly Daddy! He's not here right now, He's in the clouds.
(I guess we'll get into the abstract idea that He is all around another day! But what a thinker!)
While playing with a playmate over the weekend:
(as I was busy most of the afternoon fixing dinner for a get together, I had neglected to check on the girls for awhile. Kyra, of course runs out of her room with her pants soaking wet.)
Mom: Oh, Kyra, where did you have your accident?
Kyra: My bed Mom, sorry.
Mom: It's okay, just go to the bathroom and take off your pants. (I then proceed by stripping the bed, thinking to myself what more could happen right before company comes!)
Ellie (almost 3 yr old friend that was staying the weekend): Look! I'm just like Kyra! (her pants of course are also soaking wet. Oh the joy of imitation. Thankfully, we were able to have a good laugh from this!)
Kyra: Can I have one piece of candy?
Mom: Sorry babe, it's bed time and you already had a snack.
Kyra: But I want one.
Mom: No.
Kyra: Please, please, please?
Mom: The answer is no, now please don't ask me again!
Kyra: Can I have two?


Lori said...

Very cute. Kids say the darn cutest things. Ours keep us in smiles and laughs all the time.

Renee said...

So cute!! And I love the way that you talk to them about God. About how He smiles extra big when your kids obey mommy and daddy. :) That's a good tip for me, when my girls are older.

Thanks for sharing! Your kids are super cute!

Ami said...

Can I have two pieces, too?! Funny!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Kyra cracks me up. This are so cute. I cracked up at her friend "Look, I am like Kyra too" oh the joys...

Earen said...

So sweet & cute! I love the way kids say & do things. Thanks for sharing!

Short Stop said...

She is one smart cookie! The scene at the mall must have been hilarious to see unfold!

Kris said...

hehe! I love these kiddos! Just wait until Katie starts talking..Oowee!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Too cute!

onemotherslove said...

I love your last story!!! Leave it to kids to find the loophole!

I'm Tara. said...

That last one had me laughing!! And so cute about her ponderings about God. I love reading your Tiny Tuesdays!!

Annie and Tony said...

We had such a fun weekend with you! Ellie continues to talk about kyra...she even said.."we both wet our pants, Mom." in a very matter-of-fact sort of way.