Birthday Boy

Yesterday it was Rudy's 8th birthday. Yes, our beloved dog is getting up there in age. Before the kids were born he was our baby. We let him sleep on our bed, on the furniture, and played fetch with him more frequently. And on his birthday, he would always get some sort of gift. Frosty Paws were one of his favorites (although the repercussions of his gas left something else to be desired). Of course since we have had children, poor Rudy doesn't get the attention that he once did. He's no longer allowed on any of the furniture (although I still hear a quick jump from my bed when I enter the house...with the sheets pulled down as evidence that a warm furry body was recently curled there). And the long walks we once had are replaced with quick outings out the slider door to simply do his business. Oh, he doesn't get completely ignored. He still gets daily doggy treats, a pat on the head, and occasional outing in the field with "dad". And who could forget a pull on the tail, and jump on the back to play "rodeo" by the girls (I'm sure he loves that one). But simply said, he can no longer claim is spot as "baby" in this growing household of kids.

Yesterday, however Ruders got the royal treatment. When I told the girls it was his birthday, they wanted to have a celebration. I told them, that he wouldn't remember, and that he didn't really care, but they were insistent. They cared. They made sure he had extra treats yesterday, sang him "Happy Birthday" a number of times, and petted him with extra care through out the day. Kyra said, " you have to get him a present! He's my best boy!" So with that, I went to the store for a rawhide chew. Before I left for the store, Kyra said..."What are you going to get him mom? You can tell me because it's not my birthday. But don't tell him, or else it won't be a secret anymore." I just love innocence of kid's minds. So, Rudy thoroughly enjoyed his birthday attention and wagged his tail eagerly in anticipation of the smelly treat beneath the wrapping paper. Happy Birthday old pal!

Singing Happy Birthday to Rudy

Enjoying his rawhide, without even opening it yet


Sarah said...

Rudy and I are birthday buddies, and I never knew it? What a doggone shame! :-)

Happy Birthday Rudy!

Dave and Jenni said...

How fun that the girls got so into it!