Andrew Update: 11 Months

Ever since Andrew discovered that he could take a few steps on his own, he doesn't want to stop.  The minute he falls down, he grabs for your hands to pull himself back to a standing position.  The child simply isn't happy unless he's walking.  The problem is...he doesn't know how to fall well.  In the month that he's been taking steps, he still is wobbly as ever.  He'll take 8 steps forward, and 3 steps back until he falls straight back and bumps his head.  Someone really has to watch him or he could really get hurt.  They already overestimated his capabilities in nursery last week, and he scraped the side of his face pretty good.  Yup, I think this boy will be in for some scrapes and bruises (comes with the territory right?).

Andrew still hasn't shown any interest in crawling, but he recently learned how to sit up from a lying down position.  I found him playing in his crib one day, and a few minutes later he figured out how to stand up.  The problem is now that he has this newfound trick, he has been falling asleep sitting up.  It was funny the first couple days, but now his naps have been cut short because he won't lay back down.  I think he's going to enjoy throwing us for a loop.

As far as eating goes, he is a human garbage disposal.  I think a few months ago I mentioned that he was a picky eater, but now I can't seem to get him to slow down.  He eats oatmeal, grapes, bananas, chicken, cheerios, and just about any kind of veggie.  I think the only thing he doesn't seem to care for at this point is cheese (which I'm sure will change).  I even have to be careful when I get a snack out for the girls, because if he's around he starts screaming at the top of his lungs to let you know he doesn't want to be left out (I'll never do that in the grocery store again!).  Yes, he's a boy of few words, but he certainly let's you know when he wants something.  In fact he's so impatient, that often just to be able to converse over dinner, we have sent him into the other room to watch a Baby Einstein video (obviously we won't do that forever, but for now it works, and he loves them!!)  And transitioning to a sippy cup was a breeze (unlike Katie who wouldn't start until she was nearly 18 months old).  He even sipped out of a straw the other day. 

In a month, he will be turning 1!!  My last snuggle bug is growing up and not wanting to snuggle so much.  But we are having a blast watching him learn so many new things.  The girls love to help guide him in his walking adventures, and give him bite size nibbles too.  Yes, we love ourselves some Andrew! 


batavian babe said...

Cutest little button ever! He is going to be one husky, determined dude! Give him a squeeze from Grandma.

Beth said...

He is adorable Sarah! I can't believe how much he looks like Josh and Owen right now. Enjoy! We're also losing our last "baby." She is also getting so big! I think each child grows up faster than the last. So much I want to bottle and pull out later! Thanks for sharing!

Mandyy said...

Awwww. Getting sooo big. I miss them so much & want to see them. :)