Tulip Time

It was an exciting day for us today.  We were headed to Tulip Time to enjoy some fun activities for the kids and look at some beautiful tulips.  The kids were excited because we haven't done a whole lot of fun activities in awhile.  Spring cleaning, planting, weeding, gearing up for surgery, and trying to build a bathroom in our basement has been our focus for the last couple of months so I think they are feeling a little cooped up.  And this momma wasn't feeling too different.  I was ready to take a day off and enjoy the great outdoors.

Although the day started off rainy, the sun made its appearance later in the day and made for a pleasant afternoon.  The tulips were some of the best I've seen in years.  There were such vibrant colors and they were so incredibly tall.  They looked like tulips on steriods!  Being outside and seeing all the flowers really does wonders for your soul.  I know it doesn't produce food like a vegetable or fruit garden, but seeing so many variety of colors just brings out the beauty in God's creation. 

The fun part of the day though was taking part in the kinderplaats festivities at Tulip Time.  Although we have gone to the festival a couple years in a row now, we have never done Kinderplaats.  It basically consists of  booths with activities or crafts for kids, some dancing for entertainment, a petting zoo area, and a hand full of bouncy rides.  Yet, there were so many things to choose from, we had to leave to get lunch and come back again.

Kyra and Daddy holding a Boa Constrictor!  Didn't know either of them were that brave!

Speaking of lunch, that was one of the best parts as well.  We went to New Holland Brewing Co. for lunch, and it was wonderful.  I had one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have had in a long time.  Of course spending the day with good friends we don't get to see very often made the day as well.  There really isn't much I could say that went bad today.  Perhaps it's because we haven't gone out as a family in awhile, or perhaps it is because the weather is turning around.  Either way, it was a very fulfilling day.

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