Happy 1st Birthday Andrew

Yesterday, Andrew turned one. My little baby is turning into a toddler now. Although I never want to show favoritism for one child over another, I can definitely see where the last one can truly become the eternal "baby". It is certainly hard to let go, when you know you'll never have another child again. And although I am sad to have a lot of last events, like a last 1st birthday, I am also very excited for our future. We are going to have fun as a family of five and I look forward to the joys and maybe even challenges that we are going to face.

I look back at the months that I have written about Andrew's progress and personality, and I know that for me he hasn't been the easiest child. I'm sure I have said this a number of times, but I was so certain that the third child was supposed to be one of the most complacent and easy going. This certainly wasn't the case. On top of the minor medical issues he had in the beginning of his life, he turned out to be quite a fussy child. He has never been much of a babbler, but boy does this child have lungs. He can scream like the dickens. There were certainly nights that I wished I could run away for the weekend and take a breather, because he seemed to be such a demanding child. But the funny thing is that despite the fact that he has seemed to be one of my most challenging children, I couldn't be happier. He may not play well by himself and gives up easily on things all the while crying for someone to do it for him, but he has a smile and giggle that can melt your heart. I really feel very complete with my three children.

Okay, so on to my little one year old. Andrew has finally learned how to crawl. And although it is a funny crawl (kind of gimpy), at least he is getting around and finally seems more content. Before, he would take a few steps, fall down and want to be picked up again so he could walk some more. We had to constantly be around him in case he fell, since he didn't properly know how to fall (he'd fall straight back or forward). Thankfully, after some work he now knows how to fall on his bum. In fact, the funny thing is, he has kind of given up on walking and reverted to crawling. And honestly, I am happy with that because I feel he is safer (he's already had two falls where his teeth have gone through his upper lip). He does still cruise around objects while walking but has seemed to given up for the time being on walking by himself.

This month Andrew has also learned how to drink through a straw. I think transitioning from formula to milk in a sippy cup will be a walk in the park. And of course he is eating everything. I really don't think this child has a picky bone in his body. He's had everything from chicken to salmon and tomatoes to chick peas.
But the funniest thing to watch Andrew do is to play in the water. I realize at this age kids don't have fear of much, but this kid LOVES water. He splashes up a storm in the tub, and has tried to dive in the water face first at the pool. He's had a few rude awakenings, but the water in the face hasn't seemed to slow him down (unlike his sisters).

Yes, this has definitely been a challenging last year, but one filled with many joyful moments too. I'm excited to take on another year and see how this little guy's personality flourishes. Happy Birthday Andrew, we love you!

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Kris said...

Happy birthday, big guy! He looks so grown up with his little haircut! I think one of our kiddos crawled just like that, too! We miss you guys!