Wordless Wednesday

This is a little book Kyra put together all by herself for her mom and dad. The new found love in writing and drawing just doesn't get old. I love to see what this kid comes up with!!

the title page: "Dad and Mom Are in Love"

"Kevin is sad because he doesn't have any wives."

"Sarah is sad because she doesn't have any husbands."

"And Sarah and Kevin found eachother and fell in love and married and kissed."


streetwise said...

You better save this book and bring it out at HER wedding! This book rocks. What a bright and imaginative niece I have :)

Jenni S. said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah, that is SO sweet. I love to see what their little minds come up with.

emilymcd said...

Good night... that is one of the most hilarious books I have ever read. Your daughter is sweet and sensitive and amazing. This book is a KEEPER!!!


Kris said...

Sarah! This is adorable. Find a good spot to hang it and keep it 'cause that's one to show when she gets older!