Tiny Talk Tuesday

We're having a great summer over here in Michigan, and the laughter hasn't disappointed either. Here are a few of the things the kids have said/or done:

While driving past daddy's work (he's working at an elementary school):
Kyra: Wow, that's a great school dad. It has a great park.
Dad: Yeah, sometime you should come for lunch and you can play there for a bit.
Kyra: I bet if you asked your boss daddy, you could play tag during your break time!!
(I'm sure that's exactly what all of his coworkers want to do!!)

While getting ready to go outside:
Katie: Mom, it's too hot outside. I amn't going to go outside unless her's going.
(Yes, we teach our kids real proper around these here parts)

While getting ready for dinner:
Andrew: Bppppp.....Bpppppp.....Bpppppp
(I kept hearing Andrew blow raspberries, so I looked over and noticed his head was down and he was blowing raspberries and then watching the drool run down his bib. Yes, he's learning some great tricks! I think everyone's had a little too much sun around here, but boy do they make us smile.)

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Terra said...

I worked at an elementary school this past year and I had a pretty similar conversation with my 3 year old. She told me that when I leave work that I should go and play on the big slide. It's so much fun!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH MY! Andrew is getting so big! I can't believe our little guys are one :) That sounds EXACTLY like something C would do. He likes to spit/drool/raspberry on the floor and then play in it.

Lovely, I tell ya.

Happy TTT!