Monarch Monday

My daughter, Katie, made this creation. Looks like a hodge podge of things right? Two picture frames, and a jewelry box. What in the world?
But let's take a closer look. What is that behind all those objects? Looks like a container of some sort, right?
Oh...a container with leaves. But what's inside that container?'s a caterpillar!

Katie and I had a little one on one time the other day and went to the farmer's market. I expected to get some peaches or maybe a hairbow from a craft booth. But we found this instead. A lady and her son were selling butterfly kits and for only a few bucks. Katie was very intrigued, so I decided to indulge her, and figured both girls would get into it. I let her choose the kit (they had large caterpillars that were just about ready to make their chrysalis, or baby ones that you could watch grow). Of course Katie picked the baby ones, which just like regular babies, poop and eat all day. We are only 2 days into it and already lost 1 out of the 3 we were given (probably because we didn't clean out their home quickly enough. But hopefully we do a better job from here on out. Katie is thoroughly enjoying checking on her babies and has even gone on to make them a bedroom...hence the pictures of her creation. She likes to open their door and tells me to be quiet so they can rest and makes sure they have shade. It's fun watching her curiosity and tender heart wanting to help something grow. Now let's just hope we can keep the remaining two alive for the duration of their caterpillar life (especially since we are going camping soon and will have to take our leggy creatures with us for vacation!!).


Rebecca said...

Fun! Can't wait to see the butterflies!

Sarah VB said...

Dave and Ella have "rescued" two caterpillars from our backyard. They went this morning to find a habitat to keep them in. So now Ella has two pet caterpillars (and they look exactly like Katie's too) in her bedroom. I guess we'll both see what happens in the next few weeks with our little critters. :)