Monday Meanderings

Life sure has taken us for a roller coaster these last few weeks. Everytime I think that we have a few weeks of slow pace, something new comes our way. I guess that's God's way of keeping us on our toes, and a reminder all the more that we have to rely on Him. I remember a few years back, that January and February seemed to be our "slow" months out of the year, where we could catch up on purging old files, and clothes in our closets. But I guess when you are homeschooling, running after a toddler, and keeping up with the activities of a 1st grader, that doesn't happen so much.

When the New Year came to, I had intentions of not making any New Year resolutions, but focusing on having a positive attitude. Overall, I think I have done pretty well. I have been knocked down a few times (perhaps a test from God?), but through people's encouragement and prayer, have been able to pick up my attitude and head in the right direction again. I seriously don't know how people can cope without God.

This past couple of months we have had a long visit from my parents, which was so enjoyable. It was especially joyous for me to see the bond between my kids and their Grandparents grow stronger. I love to watch them interact and am very thankful for such caring and loving parents. We have had our share of illnesses these last couple months, but were fortunately able to enjoy the moments in between. We've had snow days and opportunities to go sledding down our front yard. Kyra is enjoying the outdoors so much more than she used to, and in fact was kind of sad to see so much of the snow melt away the other day (fortunately we just had another storm and the ground is now white once again). Katie is making great strides in her efforts of learning the alphabet and how to write each letter. She really has very nice handwriting, and I'm sure she will do well in kindergarten. Andrew continues to get into more things, but mostly brings a smile to our face, although his recent bought of teething (4 teeth at once) had us at wits end. Thankfully he isn't pushing the kitchen chairs up to the countertop and turning on the coffee maker so much anymore (of course that's been replaced with toilet flushing). But he has started to say a few words now, which brings me some relief in my worries. His favorite word is "car", but he recently said "kookaburra" (odd, but I'll take it).

I still have hopes of documenting some of life's great memories in the near future, but for now will leave with a few pictures.


LikeUaLatte said...

Those cookies are oh so picture perfect. I'm jealous.

Rebecca said...

Cute photos! I want a cookie, by the way!

RE: "I seriously don't know how people can cope without God." - One of my friends once said that she thinks sometimes it takes more faith not to believe in God. I think sometimes she's right.

Although I've been struggling to trust him about something recently, I am so grateful for the many ways he provides.