Happy Birthday Katie

My little Katydid turned 5 today. This birthday has been anticipated for some time. The poor girl has no concept of time, and every time someone would have their birthday, she'd sigh deeply and inquire when it would finally be her turn. Boy do I remember the days when time seemed to go so slowly! But she made it, and made it a point to ask every night how many days were left until the big day.

This year she simply wanted to share her day with her family and cousins. The main dish was decided months ago, when she discovered that she finally really did like soup (none of the kids are big soup eaters). Of course the only soup she really likes are the creamy ones, so she opted for the Cheddar Brocolli soup. She also made it a point to have salad (one...because she really loves salad, but I think she also did it because her sister doesn't like it, and she likes to get a rise out of her sister!). And of course, we had yet another Barbie cake. Thankfully, it didn't seem to be as hard to make now that I did it once before.

It really was a great party. I felt a little bad that Katie wouldn't be having a big themed friends party, but she honestly didn't seem to care. She was with most of the people she loved, and that's all that mattered. We had our dinner, chatted for awhile, while the cousins played with one another, and then the kids were surprised with a pinata!! The girls had been asking for a pinata for a couple years now, but I kept trying to hold out for a time when we'd have more kids. But, Aunt Linda pulled through (not even knowing the girls had really wanted one) and tacked one up in the garage. And let me tell you, it didn't take long for those little ones to catch on. Even Andrew wanted in on the fun. There were lots of squeals of delight.

We finally headed in to open presents, in which Katie really had a hard time choosing which one was her favorite. She really loved them all (she pleases easily, for which I am very grateful). But, I suppose if push came to shove, she would say her Pillow Pet unicorn.


I hope you know how much joy your smiles give us. Your giggles and carefree attitude are refreshing. Katie, I have enjoyed getting to know you better this year through our time at home "doing school." I have watched you grow in your curiosity for how the world works. Before you were such a quiet girl...spending sometimes an hour alone in your room playing with dolls. Now, you are beginning to asking so many more questions, bringing your inner voice to light! You have learned your alphabet, the sounds they make, and are beginning to rhyme as well. We have read more books than I can count, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our lap time together. You continue to be such a cuddler, and at times need to be reminded of "personal space." But I will cherish this time, because I know it won't last forever. Katie you continue to be a strong willed, want to do it yourself, but affectionate little girl. I admire your determination and hope it gets put to good use when you are older. I look forward to the new growth, and experiences you have in the next coming year and hope we continue to grow closer together. I love you very much.


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