All is Quiet

Can you believe that Christmas has come and gone! We spend months with a flurry of activity from what seems to be Halloween to Christmas. The months are filled with holiday festivities from dress up, to eating, to decorating, to shopping. The list goes on and on, and then suddenly it comes to a haulting stop (okay, maybe there's a New Year's Party in there, but other than that things drastically slow down). We have a long winter ahead with nothing but our creativity, some snow, and our imaginations (which of course can be a very good thing).

I asked my husband at the end of Christmas Day, if he had fun with his family. He said yes, but that it was all over too fast. I guess, I for one am looking forward to the rest and the slowness of the next few months (despite the cold weather), but I can see where it can be kind of a let down. You spend months of preparation for all these holidays, and then suddenly there are no projects at hand, no planned activities with the family.

I hope everyone takes advantage of these next few quiet months taking up a new hobby, reading a book they've been meaning to read, or start planning family gatherings outside of the holidays. These quiet months are an opportunity for us to catch up on the things we've been neglecting for the past few months, while it was too busy for us to do the "norm." I know none of my thoughts are new thoughts, after all that's why so many people make New Year resolutions (to take advantage of the next few months to do those things). I guess I was just thinking in the quietness of my house, after the flurry of activity, that I should take advantage of those "boring" months to stay in touch with people, play more with my children, organize a few things, read the Bible more, appreciate the stillness. I hope you do too.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hope you are enjoying the "quiet" now. Also hoping that Katie is feeling better - that croupy cough is NO FUN!

Earen said...

Great minds think alike!!

emilymcd said...

Ah, yes. You are so right, Sarah. Isn't this a beautiful time of year?

Short Stop said...

I've got a few more weeks, and then we'll be quite busy again! I am definitely planning on enjoying some quiet, after Christmas time before our new baby comes!

Here's to the stillness that is so rejuvenating!