The Best of 2007

Right now, there are several magazine's out with the best/worst dressed, events, books, etc. of 2007. It happens every year. It's a time to reflect on our mistakes and good memories, and an opportunity to glance through the past year with hopes to improve the future. Anyway, I thought I would take a look back to our family's past year and pick out the top 10 moments (starting from the beginning of the year to present).

#1 Katie turned 1 year old!

#2 After a grueling week of Katie being severly sick over her birthday, the doctor diagnosed her with Kowasacki Disease (you'd think that was a worst moment -which it just about was). But...because it was detected early, she was treated and now free of any danger. (Kowasacki Disease is a disease that attacks that arteries, which if left untreated can be fatal.)

#3 Kyra had her first snowmobile ride, and surprising loved it (she's not usually that adventurous). Maybe this is a sign for things to come!

#4 Together, my hubby and I lost over 20lbs each. It really helps when you try eating healthy together. We were a great team. Although, I hate to add that we also gained over 10lbs each back together too. I guess we are as good of an eating badly team as we are healthy :( The good thing is that we are still down over 10lbs (gotta look at the bright side).

#5 We bought a tube for the boat, and had the opportunity to try out our skills in water sports. Again, Kyra tried her hand at something new, and as long as we didn't punch it, did pretty well. What fun that was. I have a feeling we will be spending more time out on the water next year.

#6 The Hubby went water skiing for the first time, and didn't do too bad either!

#7 We had our 7th anniversary, and went to a wonderful little Italian Restaurant.

#8 Kyra turned 3, and became potty trained in the same week (thank the Lord!!) Now that really is a blessing.

#9 My Hubby turned 30, and to celebrate we went to Traverse City alone without the kiddos! It was a fabulous weekend filled with beautiful scenery, wine touring, and good dining.

#10 My husband unselfishly let me go to Georgia by myself to spend some good quality time with both extended sides of my family. All the while, he shot a 10 point buck the same weekend (one of his largest yet!) It was truly a great weekend and one we'll both probably remember for years to come.


Earen said...

What a blessing to look back over wonderful moments in the year past. God is good!

Renee said...

This is a sweet post...what a reflection of the past year!

I am happy for the blessings that you have experienced this last year, and hope for more to come in 2008!! And I'm encouraged by your positive attitude...especially about your daughter. What could be bad news, you turned around with a thankful heart for early detection.

And congrats on the 10 lbs, and the 7 years!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a great reflection!

Isnt' a weekend away so refreshing?