Tiny Talk Tuesday

Well, I haven't been on the eight ball very much when it comes to Tiny Talk (or any blogging this month for that matter), but here's just a couple of the things I can remember from this week:

During prayer time:
Kyra: Mom, can I pray?
Mom: Sure.
Kyra: Dear God, thank you for the Lord (something she says every day), thank you for my Grandpa named Grandpa Paul, thank you for Grandpa Wise (same Grandpa), thank you for the Grandpa that lives in Illinois (still same Grandpa), thank you for keep my parents safe and sound (awwww), thank you for my Strawberry Shortcake Birthday cake (wait? wasn't that like 4 months ago?), and thank you for all the trips we get to go to the mall. Give us of our fins (do we have fins?). Amen. (yes, we've sure been having a difficult time keeping a straight face during these sincere prayers lately)

During cookie baking time:
Girls: (screaming)
Mom: What is going on? You two need to stop arguing and be nice to each other! Why don't you color while Mom finishes up these cookies! (they proceed to get out the crayons)
Mom: (I peek over) KATIE, don't eat the crayon! (I proceed to give her color wonder markers, thinking at least she won't mark anything or eat the marker....she ate the marker. She actually bit off the end of the marker!)
Mom: Katie why don't you go find some dolly to play with? (all is quiet for some time, and I am finally able to devote my time to the cookies. I suddenly realize maybe quiet isn't a good thing. I run around to find Katie. Yes, she had found a doll alright, but she was giving it a bath in the toilet-along with the rest of the bathroom. Needless to say, my cookies never did turn out.)

Kitchen Talk:
Mom: Do you know how santa gets in the house to deliver the presents?
Kyra: Through the front door?
Mom: But we lock the front door.
Kyra: (wheels are a turnin) Oh, well maybe he comes in through the basement?
Mom: But we lock the basement door.
Kyra: (changing the subject) Does Santa drive a car?

If you want to see more kute kid talk go to http://notbefore7.blogspot.com/2007/12/tiny-talk-tuesday-holiday-edition_17.html


Sarah said...

Yikes! You've got a busy little girl there! I'm amazed that you can get anything done with your little tornado named Katie who obviosly has a tactile/kinesthetic learning style! (remember that from all of the ed classes - hee hee)

And it's good to know that Kyra is thankful for what's really important in life - trips to the mall! I can only imagine the looks that you and Kevin give each other when she prays. It truly must warm your heart though! Now she needs to come to our house and show our little stubborn prayer how it's done. (:

Kris said...

Oh these kiddos are hilarious! I love that Grandpa P is totally covered in the prayer!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh that is so cute. I love to hear the kids prayers. T still prays regularly, "thank you for the planes that dance..." that was the Blue Angels we saw in MAY!

Loved this!

Foxy5 said...

Oh, the wonderful taste of markers. My son is a fan as well. I freaked the first time he ate the tip off a RED one. I didn't catch the biting action... thought his mouth was gushing blood. fun times.