3 Things Meme

Jennifer tagged me for this meme and it looked so fun and easy I thought I'd post it today (plus I haven't written anything in awhile and don't have anything better to write)!

3 places I go all the time: Meijer (I'm notorious for forgetting ingredients-plus it's less than a mile away), the park as of right now (after all it's nice to get some of that preschool energy out, we even went yesterday during our 50 degree day!), and Hobby Lobby or Michael's (that's just as of late, as I am trying to find things to hang on our living room walls).

3 people who email me: Actually I don't get that much email anymore since I started blogging (after all that's what comments are for), plus I prefer talking on the phone. However, if email is necessary then, my Mom, sister in-law, and friend Annie (when her email is not recognized as junk mail from my carrier :) will write.

3 favorite places to eat: I had trouble limiting this to 3 too, because we like to go out to eat, however I guess it would go...Panera Bread Company, Olive Garden, and Cabana Tres Amigos.
Of course then there's the fast food category, coffee cafe category, the list could go on...

3 places I would rather be right now: Shopping all by myself without children tugging on me or having to worry that they are going to break something, having a pedicure (man if you haven't had one of those, you are missing OUT), or honestly playing at the park with my children as long as it was a WARMER day (at least not on the brink of freezing)!

3 Projects I'd like to get started: planting flowers (but of course have to wait until there is no danger in frost), begin a photo album for my girls (I of course don't have a single picture in a photo album. I'm afraid my girls are going to have to view their pictures from a shoe box!), begin sewing a valance for my living room window (hopefully this week!!)

3 people who will do this: Maybe...Sarah (at VB Window), Rebo, or Christy. No pressure, just something light to do mid week, girls!

3 TV shows I could watch over and over: The Office, Friends, and Quantum Leap (I know that hasn't aired in a long time but I used to watch those reruns all the time). I typically don't watch reruns, unless I'm desperate for some time to veg out. There are very few movies I could watch over and over either. It has to be something that is either extremely good, or in need of watching again just to catch parts that flew over my head the first time.


Dave and Jenni said...

Ohhh, Hobby Lobby. I don't get to go that often (little hands and all), but I love that place! Especially at the holidays...so many good Christmas crafts. :)

Sarah VB said...

Just did my very first "meme" Sarah! What does that mean anyway? And why is it so easy to think of places to eat and so hard to think of projects? (: