Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones are chattin away this week. Here are some of the cute things they said:

While coloring at the kitchen table:
Kyra: Mom, when I turn 4, I'm going to be funny.
(That's a great ambition kiddo. I think you are already there though.)

Upon entering another furniture store (we've been shopping a lot for new couches):
Kyra: Mom, is this another funeral store?
(No, we haven't been shopping for caskets Kyra, just couches.)

During breakfast:
Kyra: What are we going to do today?
Mom: (feeling bad that all we've been doing is furniture shopping, I thought I'd take her to the local butterfly exhibit) I think we are going to do something special today!
Kyra: What kind of seats does it have?
(ehh...you know your child has had furniture store overload, when she starts classifying where she's going by the seats she sits on.)

While reading a bed time story:
Mom: And what is this animal Katie?
Katie: (moments pass and still a blank stare)
Mom: That's a duck. (I try to hide my frustration, as my 2 year old still blanks out, or chooses not to say so many easy words.) Okay, let's go on to the next page. Ohh, look at some of these pretty birds!
Katie: (getting excited, and pointing) Kookaburra!
(Oh, I get it. Maybe the duck isn't challenging enough. She goes for the tough ones first!

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ET said...

I think it's great that your girls are excited about furniture shopping. Makes it a bit easier, I'm sure.

And Katie is a smart little one! Don't worry too much about the talking...my youngest girl was pretty slow about it too. I think they can be lazy about it b/c of all the help they get from their older sibs. At 2 1/2 (when we brought our new baby home) our daughter began speaking in full sentences - that very day! She knew all along, and was just a lazy bones... :)

Earen said...

I love the tiny talk....have fun furniture shopping. I hope you find something you love!!

Christy said...

lol-- love the last one. Next week works for me-- what works best for you.

Dave and Jenni said...

Great stories! Kookaburra - that cracks me up!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK, I almost sprayed this poor laptop with hot tea...HAHAHA. The "funeral store" just cracked me up.

Hope you find something - post a pic!

Kris said...

Your girls are a hoot! Hope you find a couch soon!...kookaburra...hehe.


emilymcd said...

Oh man... those furniture store stories are so funny. Aren't your kiddos smart as a whip?