Tiny Talk Tuesday

The Girls are chattin away this week, here are some of the cute things Kyra said:

While at the dinner table:
Kyra: What day is it?
Dad: Tuesday.
Kyra: But is it today?
Dad: Yes.
Kyra: When is it tomorrow?
Dad: (knowing that she gets time confused, he went into detail of past and present and tried to explain to her what each day meant).
Kyra: When will we meet Jesus?
Dad: We don't know.
Kyra: Maybe Mom knows.
Dad: No, Mom doesn't know either. No one knows when they will meet Jesus. (there is a pause, and we think she has accepted this answer for the time being.)
Kyra: (in a quiet voice) I bet Josh and Ellie know. (her cousins, do they have some profound knowledge?)

A few minutes later:
Kyra: Is God in our hearts?
Mom: Well, his spirit is in our hearts. Remember when we talked about that? The Holy Spirit lives in our heart.
Kyra: I want to live in someone. That would be cool.
(I'm exhausted in the question asking. Let's just eat dinner. We did however, go into more detail.)

While in the car:
Kyra: (mom leaves the car and enters the store, as dad stays in the car with the girls) Where is Mom going?
Dad: To go get some bug spray.
Kyra: What is the bug spray for?
Dad: To get rid of the ants in our house.
Kyra: Are they going to die?
Dad: Yes, Kyra they are probably going to die.
Kyra: Well, at least they will go to meet Jesus today!
(as if explaining death isn't hard enough, now we have to try and explain that ants don't go to heaven!)

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emilymcd said...

Oh man... you got some whipper snappers over there! That is hilarious!

Lots of spiritual questions. That's great.

The ants meeting Jesus... haha

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow, that little one does some deep thinking! It's so neat to hear them ask those kinds of questions, though - even if it is exhausting trying to answer them.

Kris said...

Whoa, you're running one holy house there! Love it when they have so many questions! Oh, and Josh and Ellie have no clue!

Sarah VB said...

Ha! This totally cracked me up! You've got quite the little thinker there - maybe she'll grow up to be a wise theologian. I know a good seminary for her to attend someday (wink wink) (:

Mary@notbefore7 said...

wow - you and your daughter are having some deep theology discussions! I love it!

I hope there aren't ants in heaven...

cute cute!