Kyra Chat

The other day we were going to drop off some groceries to a church member who had just had twins. That church member also had a 3 1/2 year old boy that was in Kyra's Little Lamb class in Church. I told her we were going to his house and she left in a flash. Curious why she left so fast, I followed her into her room.

Mom: Kyra, what's wrong? Why did you leave so quickly?
Kyra: I have to find a dress to wear mom. Boys like it when you wear a dress.
(okay, we seriously have to stop watching princess movies)
After coming home from a dance lesson:
Kyra: Mom, guess what?
Mom: What?
Kyra: The teacher said for our dance recital, our mom's HAVE to put makeup on us. So this time when I ask, you have to do it.
(Of course, because her dance instructor knows best, right?)
And finally, at the park the other day Kyra and her sister were playing on the slide when some kids came along and started playing on the same slide. Because they were older girls, I thought Kyra would be intimidated and slide down right away to get away. But she just lingered there with the older kids. I'm guessing, there were two 12 year old girls, and an 8 year old girl. I just stood there, quietly watching the whole situation unfold. It's like I could see her wheels turning. It is so much fun to watch them, and wonder what their little minds are thinking about.

Anyway, after there was a pause in the girl's conversation, Kyra slowly walked over to the 8 year old and asked if she would be her friend!! Now, almost every time we go to a park, she is scouting out the vicinity for a friend to pal around with, but an 8 year old? That's pretty gutsy. No holds bar here. I started zoning in, waiting for the rejection, when the girl said "YES!" She mentioned that her name was Katie. "Oh, that's my little sister's name," Kyra remarked. And they headed out. Only with in moments the older two girls asked the 8 year old if she wanted to play tag. She said "yes," but they invited Kyra too. While I was thrilled that they were sweet enough to invite my little 3 year old girl, I was a little concerned how this would turn out. I told Kyra she didn't have to if she didn't want to, but she was determined. After a minute or so of beginning, two older boys joined in the fun. Kyra was clearly outnumbered by big kids.

The girls were so sweet to let her play and even guarded her, showing her where the safe zone was and summoning her to come close to them if the tagger was near by. When Kyra was finally tagged as "it," they even told her that she didn't have to be "it" if she didn't want to. But she said she would. Of course the event finally ended when one of the boys was tagged and he went full force for the meek little 3 year old. She after all was an easy target, and he wasn't about to have the grace and mercy of the older girls. He was in for the kill. The girls were yelling, "Kyra, RUN RUN RUN." She looked at the boy, she looked at the girls, she looked at me. And then she burst into tears. She was torn as to what to do, and this older kid game had finally met her match. For a short while, she had grown up in a matter of minutes, but that couldn't last forever. Because for the time being she is still my little girl. And thank goodness for that.


Kris said...

Awww. Those playground life lessons are tough. She is getting so brave! Yeah, Kyra!
(can't wait to see the makeup, too!)

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow - isn't it amazing how it's almost like a light-switch and suddenly they seem older? Good for her, though, for holding her own with the big kids (at least for a while)!