Happy Anniversary

After our lovely time at the cottage, our plans for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary party took to fruition. My SIL and I had been planning the events for months, and it was finally show time. I have to say, that I had my doubts at times that certain dishes we made or parts of the evening that were planned would work out, but with my SIL's organizational skills and knack for party planning, everything went better than imagined.

The party took place at the new ministry center belonging to my parent's church. It was the first time it had been used for a big event. And it was the perfect place for such an occasion. There was a stone fireplace that gave it a warm touch, beautiful hard wood couches, and the perfect amount of tables and chairs for the number of people who were attending. We began the evening with punch and soft dinner music (compliments of my brother, who is always talented in making the perfect music medly's). During that time, my brother and the hubs were outside cooking the main entree - chicken and beef kabobs, on just about the largest grill I have ever seen (I think the testosterone level shot up just a bit). We then had dinner. The kabobs were complimented with spinach and strawberry salad, red potato and green bean salad, and rolls. I wasn't sure if that was going to be enough food, but it was just right. After that, was a tasteful game of "Who knows Paul and Carol the best!" Turns out everyone did, because amongst my parent's friends are a few cheaters! They were a rowdy bunch to say the least (Dad included). It was fun to see them laugh and have a good time. Finally, came dessert and a slide show. My SIL has a friend that made a bunch of mini desserts that were simply fabulous. There were chocolate chip type scones that we sliced in half to put strawberries and whip cream, coconut covered lime balls, and mini blueberry and chocolate turtle cheesecakes. Hmmm. The slideshow was put together by my brother, who again has a talent for putting the perfect music with pictures. He had a gospel tune put in the movie that had my Dad clappin.

It was truly a joyous time to be had be all. There were memories shared from several friends and family. I was certainly touched by some of the stories shared by close friends. And was glad that my grandparents and aunt were able to travel aways to share in the special day. It was only too bad that my sister and BIL couldn't be there, as my sister's warm comments and brother's humor always add much to a gathering. Nevertheless, it was a very special and fun party that I will cherish for time to come.

My parents are wonderful people of whom I couldn't be prouder. They are caring and supportive to say the least. We love you very much and thank you for all the love you have shown to us and our loved ones.
The centerpieces and cards at each table telling of events/prices of the year.
Look at those master grillers!
The spread
Surrounded by loved ones.

The couple of the hour and their family!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations Wise's!
And kudos to the event planners, what a great party!

Dave and Jenni said...

Looks like you all had just as much fun as your SIL and family!