Tiny Talk Tuesday

The small ones in the house keep us laughing. Here's a few of the things they said this week:

While getting ready to go to the beach:
Kyra: Daddy, I want to wear a zucchini.
Dad: Do you mean a bikini?
Kyra: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
(a bikini isn't much, but wearing a zucchini would be even less!)

In the car:
Kyra: Mom, Josh lost his tooth right?
Mom: Yes, he sure did.
Kyra: Did he get a grown up tooth then?
Mom: Yep.
Kyra: Does that mean he's a grown up?
(I bet his mom is glad that loosing a tooth doesn't entail that turning point!)

Going down the stairs:
(Kyra steps on Katie's dress on purpose to keep her from going further down the stairs)
Katie: (turns around) Don't Keewa. That hurts me.
(Okay, maybe that wasn't that funny, but the way she said it was so cute and the fact she didn't turn around and scream at her sister and instead used her words, was monumental -considering most of the time she whines to get her way.)

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

So often, it isn't what they say, but how they say it that gives me the largest grin. I totally understand.

she'd need a lot of zucchini on the beach...LOL

Kris said...

"Keewa"....my fav! I definitely second the lost tooth does not a grown up make!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL at the zucchini. I love it when they substitute one word for another - it always makes me giggle.

Kristin said...

wearing a zucchini... so funny...!

Short Stop said...

It just hit me how much Katie has grown since I first met you. She's givin' it to her sister. WOW. Time flies.

Adorable. As always!

Buckeyemama said...

Okay, both the girls and I were getting a good laugh about all the funny things that your girls come up with. Keep 'em coming!