Tiny Talk Tuesday

The short ones are chattin away, here's some of the comments they've made recently:

While on vacation:
(Kyra sees her cousin walk up the steps in a nightgown)
Kyra: Mom!! Mom, look what Ellie is wearing. She has on a PJ dress. I didn't even know they made such a thing. Can I get one of those?
(If Kyra likes anything, it's dresses and pj's. The two of them combined together, what could be better?)

While at the store looking for a nightgown:
Kyra: Do you see any pj dresses?
Mom: Not yet, but did you know those were called nightgown's?
Kyra: Well, I call them pj dresses (she said rather emphatically).

While playing in the living room:
Katie: No, no baby! Go to time out (she was holding a baby in her lap).
Kyra: Why is she in time out?
Katie: Uhh, beeecaause....I no no? (interpretation- I don't know)
(I was just impressed that she used the word because. Her vocabulary has been soaring lately.)

While on Uncle's boat going for a joy ride:
Uncle: (honk honk, he had just honked the horn on the boat for kicks)
Auntie: Katie, what was that?
Katie: Ooo, Ooo! A choo choo train! (she then proceeds to whip her head all around to search for the train, while everyone on the boat giggled as she continued to search).
Uncle: (honk honk)
Katie: Ooo, Ooo! Anoder train! (she looks again for a train)
(this drill went on a couple of times, until it soon was a game. She had caught on that it wasn't a train, but of course did her dramatics for show. She doesn't like the attention of course, nooo sir!)

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emilymcd said...

heheh... I love how they talk. The time out for baby was funny. "I no no"

It's hard to not laugh all the time. So I do. :)

buckeyemama said...

Keep up the Tiny Talk. I love hearing what they've been saying. Kids can say the darndest things!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - Anna still does I no no. Dave and I love it when she says that.

Short Stop said...

I love your interpretations.

"Anoder" LOL! Both Jack and Max say that.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh these are so cute! I am glad we are not the only house that says, "pajama dress". It was the best way to describe it to the girls!

Cute stuff! She's adorable.