Potty Talk

Okay, close to a month ago we took away Katie's binki. Which, gladly she has finally gotten to the point where she doesn't ask for everyday and does fall asleep without it. And with that being accomplished, I knew the next task would be to start potty training, I just had no idea how soon.

Kyra was potty trained pretty close to her 3rd birthday, and even at that I was the one nagging her about it all the time. She was never interested in learning, thus the several months we tried were a struggle (along with many unnecessary accidents on the floor....because I was bound and determined to have her in underwear even though she wasn't ready). So, with all that struggle I vowed I would wait for Katie to show interest before I pushed her (as long as her interest didn't spike until age 4!). And up until this point she has shown no interest. We've put her on the potty chair a few times just for kicks, but she's such a wiggle worm that she wouldn't sit still (kicking her legs every which way and bending her knees so she could put her feet on the rim of the potty). I was beginning to think when we started the training, we would have to call her the whiz kid for fear the potty wouldn't make it in the toilet! I have also been concerned to start training with her because of constipation issues, wondering if that would make her more scared to go.

Nevertheless, something in her brain triggered today. It was the funniest conversation really. Her speech has never been too clear, so unless your her mama or daddy it's often hard to understand some of the things she's saying (even I can't understand some of the time). Here's how the afternoon went.

During lunch at the table:
Katie: I poopy mommy.
Mom: Okay, just a minute and I'll change your diaper.
Katie: No, I POOPY mommy!
Mom: I know Katie, I'll be there in one minute.
Katie: MOMMY, I AM P O O P I N G! (with accentuation on the "ing")
Mom: Oh, do you need to go potty?
Katie: Yes.
Mom: (rather surprised that she was able to distinguish between tenses, I swooped her up and put her on the potty chair).
Katie: Go away mommy.
Mom: Are you sure?
Katie: Yes.
Mom: (I came back 10 minutes later, of course checking on her periodically making sure she didn't walk away or have her legs wiggling all about leaving a mess). Are you all done?
Katie: Yes.
Mom: (I check the chair, half expecting nothing, and yet found she had pooped and peed in the potty chair!) Yay Katie! Good job. I'm so proud of you. We'll have to go get a treat (she was going to have a brownie for lunch anyway).

I know that conversation was maybe a bit graphic and disgusting for some, but I couldn't have been prouder. I don't know if this will keep up, but I was so impressed she figured to do this all on her own, and was so persistent to ignore my lack of understanding her comment. She's a character that one and a keeper too.


emilymcd said...

Ah ahahha... you had me at "P-O-O-P-I-N-G"-- as in present tense. What a riot. Good job, Katie!

trevsmom said...

Yay for you Katie...can you imagine not having to change any diapers? Go katie Go! :-)

Beth said...

Yea Katie! I too had to drag one of my older sons on board with the potty, but Zachary decided at just over 2 that he was ready. He won't even be 3 until next month and has been wearing underwear for about 6 months. It seems like it goes faster the second time around. Good luck, it still won't be easy! :)

Beth said...

Yeah Katie-
I am so proud of you!!!

way to go Sarah!!

Christy said...

That's awesome!! Go Katie!

Dave and Jenni said...

Yay Katie! No it wasn't too graphic and I seriously can't wait to hear how it goes!

Buckeyemama said...

Good job, Katie. And no diapers is a very liberating feeling for Mommy!

I'm Tara. said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad she's on it with you. We're not so much about the pooping over here and that is HARD. Yay, Katie!

Earen said...

Oh, what a blessing that it's clicking! My 3 1/2 year old still hasn't pooped on the potty chair...will I ever have all kids in underwear??